Peer Pressure And The Sore Thumb

Tito always wanted to fit in. She was pretty with a nice figure, but she lacked one thing, being a ‘real’ chic, 100% female. For instance, when she was 7, all her friends and female classmates wanted to be princesses but she wanted to be a soldier. They all loved dolls and playing dress up and tea parties but she loved to climb, play ball and video combat games. Her Dad loved her to bits and played with her every opportunity he had but her Mum worried for her, saying she will find it hard to get a man. This lived with her till date and her bid to finally hook a man put Tito between life and death in the hospital.

As an undergraduate Jambite, She tried to be more feminine and wear clothes she naturally wouldn’t be caught in. She had promised her Mum that she’d be more feminine, not a tomboy. So, she got mini skirts and very short dresses. Tito learnt how to walk in heels and paint her face like other girly girls did. She, however, didn’t grow or style her hair but she kept it at a nice low cut, though not as boyish as she would have otherwise preferred.

Her first few months in school, she sought after the girls every guy wanted to be with. On finding them, she decided she would do whatever it took to be like them.

Tito took all the classes they took and hung out at places they hung out. She tried to talk with them but couldn’t so she started talking to some of the guys they talked to and got them to introduce her to the ladies. Smart, eh?

On meeting them, she flattered them with praises and told them how much she admired them. She made then understand that she would do anything to be part of their sisterhood. They laughed and told her she wasn’t ready and that when she is, they will send for her.

She didn’t understand what they meant but took it in good faith. Two days later, Tito got a message from them, telling her to sit in all their classes and do all their assignments for the week. Without arguing, she sat in their classes, took notes and did assignments for them. She ensured each of the handwritings were different so she wouldn’t get caught. That week, she missed her own major classes but she didn’t care. Her mind was set on getting into the clique.

They applauded her for completing the first task and told her she could sit with them after classes. She felt so special and quickly sent a message to her Mum that she was now a proper lady. The message was a bit startling to her Mum who brought it to her husband’s attention but he told her not to worry. At least, Tito was finally becoming the lady she always wanted her to be. Her Mum, however, sent her a message saying that being a lady had more to do with your mind and not a clique. That she should take care of herself and be smart.

Tito took that as a sign that her Mum was encouraging her to put her body, soul and mind into her newfound sisters. However, the sisters didn’t feel the same way. They were amused by her affection and how much she wanted to be one of them. They loved the fact that she was intelligent and yet so gullible. So when some of the guys told them they would love to have a piece of their sexy new sister, they obliged.

They sent for Tito and urged her to take some drugs to prove her loyalty and allegiance, that it was the ritual for every new intake. She took the drugs without a care. Juggling codeine, tramadol and Rufus all for the first time, she knew they were dangerous! The school had been preaching against it but she didn’t care. She was happy to finally be accepted, to finally be one of the hottest girls on campus.

She didn’t care that she was falling in and out of consciousness. She didn’t even care when she felt her clothes come off. All she thought of was pleasing her new sisters and getting into the clique. She was going to be one of the hottest girls in school and oh, how proud her Mum will be.

A lot of us ladies are like Tito, we feel our difference is a curse and want to fit in by all means. This makes us fall prey to peer pressure and we fall into bad habits.

Do you think Tito was wrong trying to fit in and please her Mum? Do you think her Mum was too forceful and had a part to play in Tito’s warped view of womanhood? Tell us your thoughts on peer pressure or share an experience you’ve had in the comments section.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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