People: Hiring and Firing

Running a business requires a lot of efforts and managing the business could be a more difficult task. Whatever business you are trying to build will require the help of other people for you to achieve a great organization.

As an entrepreneur, you need creative and intelligent people to help actualise your business or organizational dreams. When people decide to join your team, it’s a personal decision for them and could be a life changing decision as well. Hiring is a lot more difficult in a nasty culture like ours where stealing and cheating is prevalent.

As a matter of rule and policy, it is better that your potential recruit is recommended by a guarantor. A letter of reference is a great idea when hiring a random person. Remember, no one is as good as you think they are. People have both strengths and weaknesses. Create a job description before hiring and include the reporting line and necessary KPIs.

Conduct interviews, no matter how small, to filter your options and set specific periods for appraisal. It is important to keep a standard file or record for each recruit for future reference. No matter the size of your organization, implement internal policies and processes that will guide relevant stakeholders in the business.

Policies and processes convey seriousness and structure in the business. Don’t forget to formally engage people via a contract and always pay promptly as and when due.

Firing people is an integral part of business because it help keep both your team and the business focused and in shape. Never hesitate to fire after a series of warnings. Also, it is advisable not to ever fire on the spot, except on grounds of gross misconduct.

In addition, and if possible, have a single officer responsible for firing. As your organization grows, extend that line to other critical people in your team. Very helpful that you explain the reason why you are firing anyone; don’t give a wrong reason.

Again, people like to work for a systematic organization, so if you’re not a systematic organization, then you’re not the final destination for most employees. Never have any outstanding salary when you’re firing or else postpone it until when you have the money to clear the backlog.

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