Playing Politics

Office politics exists whether you work in a multinational or a one-man business. You will be amazed at the type of manipulation that happens, even in small firms and the caliber of people engaged in it. With all organizations, there are written and unwritten rules of conduct, ethics and etiquette and depending on your goals and ambitions, you decide how you want to advance your career.

A lot of “bad politicking” happens in most organizations where you are forced to say “yes”, even when you ought to say “no”, just because an opportunity might pass you by. Are there alternatively right ways to get ahead? Try some of these tips:

  1. Never play dirty: Even though your co-workers are playing dirty, determine to do the right things at all times. The truth is: you need your colleagues to grow and thrive at work and casting aspersions on them will not help you in the long run.
  2. Understand the work environment: Understanding how the office environment works and better still understanding the formal and informal hierarchies can help you a great deal.
  3. Be kind: Not only to your boss but also to his secretary, the driver and office assistant. This can place you in the good books of the right people.
  4. Respect your co-workers: whether they do their work or not, respect them. However, draw a line when it comes to the point where their laziness affects your work.
  5. Learn how to deal with annoying co-workers: Knowing how to deal with the different personalities in the workplace will help you a great deal. Never engage in gossip and back-biting. Pay attention to what is going around you. If you can, avoid discussing controversial topics that will throw you in a bad light. Even if you need to share your belief, apply wisdom.
  6. Be a problem fixer: rather than being the complainer and problem, always try to be the solution provider. Seek ways to address issues and provide constructive criticisms.

Try applying these tips and let us know how helpful they are. Let us also know how you deal with office politics in your organization.

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