Popcorn And The Theatre Of The Mind

We all have movies playing in our minds. Whether it be the Heartbreak Romance starring our Exes and featuring a Westlife soundtrack, or the Science Fiction of how we were genetically modified to look like our parents when we are the offspring of some wealthy billionaires somewhere. A film is being produced constantly. Sometimes they are short films based on worry. With minimum budget and very poor storytelling, we deliver to the silver screen of our soul a tale of how everything that can go wrong, will. But this capacity to imagine and meditate was not given to us for ill, now that we no longer have the Spirit of fear but of power love and sound mind, we ought to flip the script. So lights, camera, action, let’s go!

All of the best directors (Nolan, Snyder, and Spielberg) are great because they have a vision. They don’t just throw a concoction together and expect a blockbuster to happen.  They know where they are going, do you? Jesus did. Knowing who He was, knowing where He was coming from and knowing where He was going He was able to prepare His mind for the crucifixion ahead. You may not be able to direct the circumstances of life, but you can-sure as a Canon camera is the best-direct how you see them in your mind’s eye. Now, casting.

Lionardo DiCaprio is, in my opinion, the greatest actor this generation has witnessed. The guy can do blue-eyed soul (Titanic), crazy-eyed Joe (Shutter Island) and everything in between (Romeo and Juliet).  If you want to have a great movie playing on the TV Screen of your soul you can’t have bad casting. Jim Iykes will probably always play villains, Osita Iheme a truant. But the Geneveives are classy, femme fatales. So don’t put that guy that keeps telling you you’re never going to make it, or that girl that says you’re not good enough up there, that’s a recipe for Tragedy, and believers don’t shoot tragedies.  Your sole cast, of course, is Christ, whom you are technically, but how you see Him will limit how He delivers. But of course, your actors and your directing are only as good as the script.

Who is your scriptwriter? When you’re imagining things (your life, your future) what is the dialogue like? Are the words exchanged between the characters in your head from Newspapers (bad news), naysayers (fake news), and realists (not news), or are you working from a script extracted from the word of God as edited by the Holy Spirit?

Your mind is a powerful place, a cinema is the greatest propaganda tool (save for outright brainwashing) known to man. So what’s in your cinema, who do you imagine yourself to be, to become? Art imitates life, so how do you interpret your circumstances? You best become more deliberate about the imaginations of your heart, because popcorn and soda will never make a bad movie better. So hunger for more than what’s at the concession stand, hunger for a life that thrives like Nollywood. Is filled with songs of Joy like Bollywood, and glamorised by the special effects of Grace, like Hollywood is by CGI. Live hungrily, and feast on the glorious spectacle that is the faith walk.

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