Power Of Delegation

Hi there and welcome to #MondayMarket. Today, we discuss the “Power Of Delegation”.

It’s difficult for an entrepreneur to start & eventually turn a business into a successful global brand all alone because business is about meeting needs profitably. You will definitely need people who will help bear some of the load.

Many entrepreneurs are unable to leverage the gifts, talents & skills of people who work with them and often times, this frustrates everyone on board: the entrepreneur, the business and team members. As such, entrepreneurs are stressed, overworked & unproductive because they refuse to see beyond themselves. An entrepreneur needs to know how to delegate.

WhiteOlive_Power of delegation prayers Delegation is the assignment of specific tasks or responsibilities or authority to another person. Entrepreneurs first need to deal with self-esteem issues before they can properly & effectively delegate. This is because the person may be better at doing a certain task & that threatens many insecure entrepreneurs.
Understandably, there may be issues with the quality of your human resource but with training, they can get better. However, when you insist on doing it yourself always, you are reducing yourself to a ‘laborer’ & ‘foreman’. So how do we delegate?

First, decide the task, then get the best person who fits the task, in terms of skills & expertise. The individual you delegate to must be properly briefed on outcomes & adequately trained. Establish controls & boundaries for the task. Make yourself available so as to support & then demand feedback. This way, you can expand your scope, do more businesses & build a stronger and more resourceful team.

We hope today’s piece would help you within your business and take you, your team and your business to the next great level. Do have a lovely week!

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