Power Of The Lord’s Table

Good evening friend. Hope your weekend was great. Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers out there. May God’s grace and power continue to strengthen and guide you.

The Lord’s table is also called the ‘communion’ or the ‘last supper’ Jesus had with His disciples. The communion is one of the ordinances Jesus gave the church before He left & instructed we do often. It is at the very root of the 2 covenants known to man: Old & New Covenant or commonly called Testaments. The power of any covenant is dependent on the quality of the bloods involved. So, blood has played significant role in the dynamics of the relationship between man & God.
After Adam & Eve sinned, God initiated a pattern that eventually became a means of atonement for sin (Gen 3:21). God made a tunic of skin, apparently from a killed lamb to make a covering for man’s nakedness. A school of thought believed the blood played same role in the acceptance of Abel’s sacrifice (Gen 4). God said to Cain in Gen 4:8-10… ‘your brother’s blood speaks…’. Meaning, blood does speak (Heb 12: 24). In God’s covenant with Abraham, blood was also spilled at ‘circumcision’. He cut himself. Zipporah may be obscure but she’s a woman of faith who understood the power of blood in atonement. (Exo. 4: 24 – 26). But Apostle Peter referred to the foreknowledge of God about the role of blood (1 Pet 1:18-19). John also confirmed when he said we were redeemed with the precious of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (Rev 13: 8).

So, all through scriptures, blood was necessary for atonement, salvation & deliverance of God’s people. In Egypt, it was the trump card when God told Israel to kill a lamb for each household & splash the blood on the door post (Exo. 12: 11- 14). The blood of Christ remained the source & strength of the New Testament till Christ returns. It is no surprise that God eventually allowed the blood of His Son as the final atonement for all human sins.

This is what Christ did;
In Heb 9: 11-15: He entered the presence of the Father to offer His blood once and for all. Thus, He took our place such that when He died we died. When he was buried, we were buried. When He was made alive, we were. And when he was vindicated, we were as well.
Let’s partake of the power of the blood of Christ every time we share the Communion & remind Him of His covenant. Every piece of His flesh or His blood we take is an infusion of God’s kind of life into our bodies & Spirit. Jesus says His flesh is meat indeed and His blood is drink indeed. So wherever God’s life shows up death, sickness & disease are not permitted. By partaking of His flesh & blood, there is healing, salvation & deliverance for you in Jesus name.

Finally Bible says we should not partake of the Lord’s table without examining ourselves. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus, you’re not allowed to take. So here is an opportunity for you. Please say this prayer with all your heart: “Jesus I love you, forgive me my sins & reconnect me to You”.

If you said that prayer, congratulations. Please do contact us so we can help you stay connected. Send us an email to prayer@whiteolive.org

Remember… You are an influencer, an authourity & you will do exploits for Christ.
Stay blessed.

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