Power To Create Wealth – Interactive Session

God has already put in place principles for everything before we even showed up on earth. God has given us power to create and the only barrier is us. Faith cannot work without work, it is very possible to create and not only a few that can create. Wealth creation is about capacity, we need to build our capacity.

Wealth creation is hindered by two factors: ignorance and pride. We have Christians that are not ready to start small or do menial work because they want to start big. Wealth is a value creation process and for you to have value, you need skills. For you to have skill, you need good information. Everything God created is guided by principles. Irrespective of your religion, there are certain principles that will bring about results. Faith works through a system of beliefs.

Faith conditions your environment. Without you serving your energy to God who controls these principles, you cannot channel this in the right decision. Most of us commit the sin of irresponsibility because we do not maximize the gifts God has put in us, identify the purpose why you are called and pay attention to your environment. Heaven does not spend Naira or Dollars but revelation and it is in the most difficult circumstances that great revelations are conceived.

Most great business ideas were not very clear in the beginning, it is when you start that you begin to see a clearer picture. Consistency and diligence preserve wealth. Understand that there are stages of wealth: creation, preservation and growth. You need to be consistent with your activities to create, preserve and grow wealth. Overnight success can lead to overnight failure. It is also good to discuss your ideas with trusted people, write the vision upon a tablet and develop it.

Ideas rule the world. Think it through, research on it thoroughly. Sometimes, not all ideas are yours, it’s not all ideas you need to implement, sometimes you might need to study a bit harder for the idea to materialize. Never think an idea is stupid, never belittle your idea. If you don’t believe it then it is not an idea. Sometimes you may need to copy ideas but when copying, add value which makes yours different. Make yours an advanced copy.

Your wealth will outlive you if you add integrity. Integrity is an element of wealth access or social capital. It is an asset. When there is integrity raising capital will be easy. It is also important to have a mentor because a mentor will be able to tell you where to bypass, rather than allow you make the same mistakes they made.

For every business worth saving, do not expect integrity to work for you all the time. People want to see what material resources you have.

Hope those tips proved useful. They came from real life professionals and entrepreneurs like us. Have questions or comments, do let us know in the comments below. Enjoy your week.

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