Praying And Slaying

Vivian had it all figured out. She knew exactly how she would deal with the issue in her office. She couldn’t be ignored. Tade was testing her with strange, new policies springing up here and there – making Vivian look irrelevant. Not happening. She would win. Vivian devised a strategy for upturning Tade’s announcement at the next management meeting.

As she mulled over all these in her heart, a thought dropped – “Not by power, nor by might”… That’s strange, she thought. Vivian figured it was just her mind playing tricks on her. Where else could the thought have come from? As she tried to ignore it and conclude her plan to confuse Tade at work, she heard again: “The race is not to the swift”… Ok, this was getting too creepy. Obviously, God was not in the business of revenge or office ‘politricks’. She needed to pause.

Vivian realized that the Spirit was prompting her about surrendering the entire situation to Him. Oh, so no manipulations, eh? So, how could she solve the challenge within her department? Vivian decided to pray about it in the evening.

Vivian and many others face challenges and situations every day at work, school, ministries in their homes or businesses. Importantly, note that the Holy Spirit is on standby in the life of a believer to help with wisdom and relevant strategy. Prayer is not just a fad, it’s a key tool for victory. In fact, it’s the only tool in facing and overcoming all.

Two-way communication with God brings down His power into every circumstance, no matter how ‘tiny’ or ‘voluminous’. The sooner we dig into the depths of prayer and explore all its benefits, the more successful we would be in every area. Remember that prayer can happen anywhere, as long as one’s spirit is consecrated and in tune with the Spirit.

While you are not constrained to one particular ‘quiet time’, be sure to maintain a consistently burning prayer altar. Nothing is too hard for Him to handle. With Him, you run through troops and leap over walls.

Today, make a commitment to return to prayer, increase in your intensity and devotion to two-way communion with the Father. The key word is “two-way” though. You receive revelation from God primarily through His word and then other confirmations. Be deliberate about the study and meditation of His word – it’s His word in your mouth that has power.

Go girl! With the Lord working in you and through you, you can slaaay all day, every day. Encourage and share this with someone and enjoy a fantastic #WomanWednesday. Ciao!


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