Prepared For The Year

Pastor said it is a year of Marvel and Marvelous works, so Eva is expectant. “It will happen” is her mantra for the year. Eva started 2018 on a high note, she had a list of all the things she wanted God to do for her. She has had almost that same list for some years now. Year-in year-out she saw those needs not coming to fulfilment and she is determined that 2019 will be a different story. She will not just sit and wait, she is going to take some practical steps to see her goals achieved.

Instead of complaining, she will speak what she wants to see. She will also visualize her miracles and carry the picture of what she wants to see in her head instead of all the negative thoughts. She will make praise a lifestyle, thanksgiving and prayer, her watchwords. Her faith will be rugged, she will expect her desires. Yes, she will prepare for their manifestation.

She took a look at her list once again. She was prepared to do her own bit – invest in acquiring a new skill for the job advancement she is hoping for. Dress well, groom herself properly for the type of husband she wants to attract; sow seeds for the financial breakthroughs and load herself with scriptures to deepen her relationship with God. In all things, Eva plans to praise Him in advance and dance her way into victory. She willing to work and walk with God.

Is Eva’s story similar to yours or do you have a different Thanksgiving strategy for 2019? We join our faith with yours and believe that as you take steps towards your goals, it will end in praise.

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