Profiting From The Company

There is a popular saying – where you work is where you eat. Is this the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Or does this statement mean something else, a hidden lie, maybe?

Funke is in charge of diesel in her company. She has made a deal with the diesel suppliers to mark up their price before supplying the company. The mark up is later transferred to her account once the company has paid the supplier.

Tunde on the other hand does not inflate the price of the diesel. He submits the quote to the company as he gets them from the supplier. However, after every transaction, he gets an alert that has no correlation to the cost of what was purchased. The supplier says it is a “thank you” for doing business with them.

Badmus is in charge of purchasing foreign currency for the oil and gas company he works for. Once he gets a quote from the Bureau De Change, he adds a few Kobos or Nairas as he sees fit and makes a recommendation to the management. He has a list of Bureau De Change companies he works with and they all have the understanding of the work pattern.

Chidinma buys foreign currency for her company but unlike Badmus, she does not have any pre-arrangement with the Bureau De Change she works with. Some of them send her a little “thank you” in form of credit alert while some do not.

A lot of these things happen in companies; whether in the purchase of stationeries, office items, getting clients or vendors for the company (this is called finder’s fee), etc. Some employees think it is a normal thing to profit from the company via the various guises/schemes they come up with.

Consider that some of these employees get their salary on a monthly basis. Even when the company is unable to pay, is it still right for employees to behave this way?

What are your thoughts? Have you been involved in anything like this, can you justify your actions? What would be your reason for getting involved in things like this? Share with us.

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