Tosin thought, “Wow, what a great God!”. She was amazed at the quick turnaround. In such a short time, what was almost just a dream had become her reality.

Tosin had been on the same level, career-wise, for over 4 years. Stagnant. She had prayed and worked and believed. And then last week, it happened. Just like that, Tosin got an amazing promotion on her job.

Glory be to God!

She can’t say it was all her doing. Only grace. God’s grace. And there was still more: in this same short time, doors of business opportunities have opened for her husband. Talk about prosperity on every side! Tosin is excited.

To crown it all, Tosin is very grateful for God restoring her son’s health. He had appetite issues but he is doing fantastic now, eating and pooing well. All thanks to God.

In total, Tosin is full of thanksgiving to God. He has been marvellous to her and her family.

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