PS4 Vs. Ludo: Power Play

Playstation 4 and Ludo, two very different kinds of games with two different kinds of players. And whether you’re into gaming or not, you best belive, you’ve been playing. Your game starts somewhere between 12 and 13, at the most basic level where you must ask questions like ‘who am I’, ‘where do I come from’ and ‘where am I going’? Some roll the dice on these questions, others are a bit more, hands on…

Depending on your configurations, the gamepad of your soul may approach the FIFA of life by using O to cross the bridges ahead, bridges like are you more science than art? Your soul may use X to pass up opportunities like a house party at odd hours of the night. It may employ Triangle to go through obstacles like a Lecturers attempts to molest, and of course, □ to make attempts at your goal. If this is you, it means you’re on track, or pitch.

You haven’t left your life up to chance, you’ve taken time to study the mechanics of the game. You’ve tapped into your God-given creative powers like Adam ascribing names to the animals in Eden, or building irrigation. You’ve personalized your game and set it to legendary mode because God expects nothing less. If you’re a girl you understand that its not just about having a Candy Crush, but ensuring that your relationships, however sweet they may be, are in alignment with your purpose in life.

But you may have also reduced yourself to board games. Doubted your capacity for strategy and failed to master the controls of life, such that you ascribe yourself a certain color beyond which you have not evolved. You play a petty game of trying to eat (destroy) whoever is ahead of you, and running from the real or imagined enemies behind. You are playing Ludo. Though God created you with great capacity, you spend your whole life moving from that Big Box of potential, to a much smaller one called a coffin.

You’re also big on gambling. You hope that ‘fate’ – a word which you use as an euphemism for wishful thinking- will allow your dice to be double six, so that you can roll again and perhaps by merely numbers (money) you may get far ahead of your peers. But the length of the numerals in your bank account does not necessarily equal progress. There’s a reason why real MEN will never do scams, and those who do will always be called Yahoo BOYS. Real WOMEN will never sell their body for money, and those who do will ever be called Runs GIRLS. Money is a means to purpose, not an end.

So be brave and bold. David used his creative power to slay with a stone and published the first poetry collection; Jesus used a wooden construct to solve a spiritual problem and some smart individuals turned Paul’s handkerchief to a miracle machine. What will you do in a time like this that is bursting with opportunity? There’s not only FIFA, there’s HALO and Mortal Kombat. And while we advice that you don’t play GTA, we encourage you to conquer the world without necessarily resorting to violence and gore.

On a final note never let anyone distract you from the role you’ve been called to play. Sometimes people are so focused on their FIFA, they try to convert you from Pro to Evolution Soccer. In fact you may prefer Barbie’s adventures as a fashionista, or digital chess as a strategist. You might even transcend PS4 altogether and play X-Box or Kinetic. The older generation will probably roll their eyes to hear that you treat life like a game, but that’s what it is, a game with real rewards and real consequences, so play it well, have fun, and ensure that by the time a bright light flashes before your eyes with the words ‘Game Over’ your Father in Heaven will pat you on the back and say ‘well done, my good and faithful child, now you’re ready for the real thing.’

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