Pusha T Vs Drake: Extraordinary Beef

“Tucked a sensitive rapper back in his Pajama clothes’ rapped Kendrick Lamar a few years back, allegedly about Drake. But K. Dot knows better than to outrightly go after a commercial juggernaut like Drake. Pusha T, not so much. Pusha dissed Drake and, in his diss, mentioned Drake’s hidden illegitimate child, Drake’s relationship with a porn star, and the failing health of Drake’s producer. How will Drake respond is the question on everyone’s mind. Well, how would you respond?

From time immemorial, you’ve had some dude beefing you. This dude dissed your forefathers, their fathers’ fathers and he will diss your grandchildren when the time comes. That’s how bad the beef is. Dude is steady tryna rob you of your energy.

What’s even worse is he keeps bringing up stuff from your past. He’s like ‘how you gon come out here acting all righteous? When just last week you were burning your purity down to ashes? Who you think you fooling when you talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk? You’re just a hypocrite, an alligator snapping like a croc’.

Yeah, the devil fires shots, but thankfully, that’s why you have the Helmet of Truth, to protect your soul from all the lies.

You’re not righteous because of your good living, you’re righteous because Jesus died. And you die everyday (that is you murk the desires of your flesh), not because you hate breathing, but because one day, you will be on cloud nine (or as the KJV puts it, rise into glory). Elevate into the sky with Jesus Christ and on that day, He will present you as His good and perfect bride, who was down to ride even when the going got tough.

Besides, how is this even a fair fight? The Bible says he that believes in God, is he who overcomes. That light shines forth in darkness and darkness comprehends it not. You accomplished so much on the day you came to Christ. Like Drake, you have multiplatinum albums as Christ’s life is now your life, playing on a loop in heaven. You have major hits, deadly blows which you delivered to evil. Or didn’t you hear that heaven turned up to your bangers the day you became born again?

You have so many awards to your name, VMAs, BET awards, and all not of your doing, but gifted you by Christ. And yes you still have a long way to go. Many people will say you’re not hard enough, you’re still a baby rapper, a Christian feeding on milk. They will say you’re too mainstream, that real believers are underground and don’t believe in ‘prosperity gospel’.

Most of all, even though the devil is completely beneath you, he’ll keep taking swings at you. Even though you have three songs in the top 10, he will try to steal your joy, kill your momentum and destroy your happiness, but you have to shrug it all off.

Don’t let him drag you down. Maybe you should listen less to Drake and more to the Holy Spirit, that way the Devil might be a little more afraid of you, much more hesitant to throw shade at you, like Eminem. The enemy may not hesitate to attack a Drake, but everyone thinks twice before starting anything with an Eminem. So improve your scriptural lyrical skill. Don’t be a ‘soft’ rapper, always waiting for satan to step on your toes before you dig deep and deliver classic material. The devil’s got hard bars no doubt, but if you were in the word you’d know that Isaiah teaches that God cuts asunder bars of iron.

By the time you read this, the beef might have evolved. It may no longer even be trending. But best believe your beef with D. Devil won’t end till you’re in the grave.

Not even Kanye will make us squash the beef we have with D. Devil. Our diss tracks are confessing the word of God, praying and speaking forth positivity and they won’t stop coming till Christ returns!

But maybe you’re not even Drake. Maybe you’re Meek Mill, trapped in a jail cell somewhere. Behind the bars of your own flesh, unable to walk in the freedom of the truth. Maybe your past somehow caught up to you.

You may think you’re So Far Gone, and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. But with a few biblical Views you’ll see Jesus promised More Life.

Keep your head up, keep excelling, striking the mark like a Scorpion, and never ever stop making great music to the rhythms of God’s grace.

2 thoughts on “Pusha T Vs Drake: Extraordinary Beef”

  1. The beef between Drake and Pusha T is an obvious war of words. There is no love lost between them and they are not pretending about it.
    What is fishy however, is when your pretentious best friend is in the business of fabricating tissue of lies, digging up your non existent secret sins and putting it all out in the public domain. If your best friend said you did it then you did it. Nobody in church will believe you. Everybody looks at you like an alien in this clan.

    D is a defined enemy. Pusha T is not Drakes bestie. Problem is we also have beef with our friends and family sometimes without our knowing. Secreting making us to greave only to come openly to comfort us. Stinging you and fanning you all at once. Frienemies. They give you more fishes to fry than beef.

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