Qualifying For Promotion

Many professionals legitimately desire promotion and they’re actually qualified and deserve to be promoted. Many others desiring promotion are not really ready for it yet because it shows in everything they do in the current position. If you’ve been at the same position for quite some time, don’t just assume that a promotion will come anyway.

For some, it’s almost like their legitimate right such as the bonus they get at the 13th month after every calender year. For some others, they think it’s something they have to work hard to earn. We often forget that asking for a promotion is asking for more responsibilities and more work even though it comes with some good reward.

Promotion is what you get when you consistently make your boss redundant at work. You literally took over his/her job.

Two major factors will accelerate your promotion in any workplace:

  1. The environment you find yourself
  2. Character & competence

The dictionary defines character as our moral force ‎or compass; it is actually much more than reputation. Our reputation is others’ perception of us. Character is who we really are, our very true tendencies when no one is watching. Wiki defines competence as the ability of an individual to do a job properly. It is to have expertise in assigned tasks.

Don’t ask for promotion if you’ve not developed these two aspects of your professionalism. They are both required equally. A poor character shows one can’t be trusted with either tasks or opportunities. It says something about loyalty. Incompetence says you don’t have what it takes to get a task done effectively, promptly & resourcefully.

If you have character but no competence, yes, you can be trusted but you still lack the influence, diligence and capacity for the task, promotion or opportunity. A professional who lacks character but has competence cannot be trusted. Though competent but will soon reduce his/her competence to the level of the character.

It is true that promotion comes from God but He also measures these prerequisites just like any corporation. They are the 2 sides of the same coin.

As influencers in the marketplace, our character and competence impacts on every thing we do. They determines who we influence or not. A quick personal appraisal will show whether you’re due for that promotion or not. It’s not wishful thinking or prayers only.

Do you agree or not that competence and character count? Do you have a personal experience you’d love to share? Please with us in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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