Raise Your (Wine) Glasses

Crossover night was more than carols and worship for Rachel. It was an eye opener to what 2019 has in store for her; her dreams were about to see… God!

Over the years, she’d always start the New Year with resolutions that she broke the very same day. Willingly or unwillingly, she never seem to keep them. The last year, she was told, instead, to set goals. Small attainable goals that will grow to big achievable goals. She started well as usual but 3 months after, the goals were only on paper.

This year, however, felt different, is different! For the first time, she realized that for you to achieve your goals, you must put God first. It must be the goals HE has planned for you. More like a New Year prayer point! Praying for grace, wisdom and understanding to see each goal through in the way God wants it, giving value to His people.

Rachel realizes that she needs to develop capacity – an enlarged heart and expanded mind, stretching her limits and dreaming much more wildly in all areas of her life. GodWalk, Marriage, Motherhood, Mogulness and Ministry included… Her goals should not be selfish though, they should reflect God in these areas of her life. She needed to do more; in the way she related to people…Love; in the way she worked for God…Discipline; in the way she consumed the Word…Tenacity.

In her marriage, she needed more patience, to show more love, imbibe more discipline into her children, guide them to God, encourage her man more. As a mother, she needed to focus more on how her children were growing up; the right friends, the right schools, the right direction towards a fulfilled life with Christ. She needed to make work, her career, any business she embarks on, a ministry. A way of giving back, of showing love, of building her community; she needed to ensure it was God’s plan for her.

For once, Rachel understood what she needed to do in the New Year and she’s more than ready to take a deep sip. Her understanding of a New year resolution has taken a new dimension. Get ready to do marvelous works in 2019, grow your capacity with wisdom from God. Like Rachel, set prayer points, dream big, pray bigger and watch the impossible become possible.

Be sure that HE is more than ready to take you on an extraordinary journey with HIM this year, one that will make you and everyone, marvel.
Happy New Year! Cheers.

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