Reaching Out With The Gospel 2

There’s a lot of frustration in the world today & it is complicating our lives; our world needs Christ as the only solution. Human government & systems are collapsing. There are several approaches to reaching out to the world with the gospel.

The first approach is to work with the mindset that your job is to “Sow the seed” of the gospel (1 Corinth 3: 5-9). No one can convict of sin except the Holy spirit. God ultimately saves; He just need you to sow the seed.

Remember, your personal lifestyle is a reflection of your faith & believe in the gospel itself (John 1:47). Persuasively & passionately share your personal story of God’s help & salvation in your life.

Make people see that we all, without exception, stands condemned without the saving grace of Christ (Rom 3:23-25). Show the people that Christ died for our sins (Rom 5:8). Guide people on how to accept Christ as Lord and Saviour (Rom 10:8-10). Resolve any real or potential difficulty that may hinder them from taking the step (Acts 8:26).

Exercise the passion of Stephen, the Ethiopian Eunuch, Apostle Paul in sharing the gospel. It’s amazing, the creativity that the Holy Spirit adopted to reach out to this eunuch. You can be creative too.

If he/she makes the decisison, then encourage the new believer to receive the baptism by immersion & baptism of Holy Spirit. Assure our new friend of their salvation & encourage him/her to share their own story too with others at the earliest opportunity.

Once we have new experiences, it’s always a lot easier to stand in that experience when we share with others.

Encourage the person to read the Bible every day (1 Pet 2:2). It’s good to start with St. John’s gospel. He/she can listen to messages & use other christian materials for more insight, knowledge & stability. Encourage the person to pray every day, have a level of daily communion with God (1 Thess 5:17).

Finally, encourage the person to be part of a spirit-filled church (Psalm 92:13-15). That’s where the growth begins from.

We hope all these help to encourage you all to reach out with the Gospel of Christ. We look forward to your amazing testimonies of lives saved and touched by your courage to reach out to others.

Have a great week ahead and stay tuned during the week for our series of insightful content!

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