Reaching Out With The Gospel

Good evening friend and welcome to another amazing session of #XLiving.

The human being is God’s most valuable possession here on earth. Every human being is an extension of God and we all have a measure of God on the inside of us. We are the ones He gave His most precious possession ever. He gave his only begotten son (John 3:16). That is why God desires to influence the human soul and the very reason he called Abraham out from his family (Gen 12:1-3).

God wants to be our sole influence. That’s why he asked Abraham to leave the city of Ur and their gods. Also, He gave us the Holy Spirit to us as power to influence our daily lives (Act 1:8). The Devil is aware of God’s plan to influence mankind not just in this life but for eternity. Remember, he had influenced a third of angels that fell with in. So he also showed up in the Garden of Eden. So, the entire Bible is the story of God’s plan & effort to redeem man back to Himself in this life and after life.

Today, we are a part of that story to influence people back to their God. So you can’t be a Christian & be a victim at the same time.

The death & resurrection of Christ is the solution God has provided to redeem man back to Him. It is the responsibility of every christian who has enjoyed God’s Grace for salvation to spread the good news of the gospel.

Our strategy at WhiteOlive therefore, is to spread the gospel in many creative ways and platforms. We have to use & compete for the use of all available platforms to reach the unsaved before they slip into Godless eternity. Just like it happened in Eden, every sinner is spiritually lost and desperately need God (Luke 19:10).

Christians need a measure of compassion to communicate the gospel effectively (Matt 9:36). Just like Apostle Paul, every believer must be concerned about the eternal destiny of the unchurched. Every believer should be sensitive to the ravages caused by sin in & around us & in the world (John 11:35).

To reach out to our world, we need to have tenacity of purpose. That undying determination (Acts 20:22-24). Be confident of your own salvation and have a fair knowledge of the words of the Bible (II Tim 2:15). Your responsibility is to share the good of what God has done for you. You’ve sown the seeds in their heart. Have the wisdom for a tactful & strategic approach to share the word in simple ways (2 Tim 2:15 AMP). You’ll also need the enabling help of the Holy Spirit and pray for opportunities to reach out to people (Act 1:8).

If you don’t have a relationship wih Jesus, you can’t share his reality with anyone. But here is an opportunity for you. Please say this prayer with all your heart, “Jesus I receive you as Lord & saviour; forgive me & come into my heart”. If you said that prayer, congratulations! Please contact us so we can help you stay connected. email:

Look out for ways & platforms to connect with people & share the gospel of the Lord. Its the best gift to give a friend.
We hope you would be inspired by this piece to reachout to someone unchurched this week.
Do have a great and grace-filled week ahead.

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