Real Entrepreneurs

So what’s the fuss about being an entrepreneur? The idea of entrepreneurship needs to be properly defined for ease of understanding. We’re in an era where we brag about being entrepreneurs as if it’s a special title you wear like a badge or medal. We carry it on, flaunting and violating the rules of engagement and the very essence of entrepreneurship.

We often forget it’s about inventing, creating and adding values to the quality of life of the people. So it can not be about just titles which is quite prevalent around here. So many activities with so little productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

‎Quite a number of people who call themselves entrepreneurs are just opportunists, quick gain adventurers who have nothing to do with value creation and offering. ‎Entrepreneurship has nothing to do with religion, tribe, ethnicity or gender. Just offer value that will improve the quality of our lives and we’ll give you our money for it.

‎While everyone is seeing the problems and the commotion, the entrepreneur is seeing the solutions and possibilities. While everyone is complaining, this unique individual is looking for a better way to do it cheaper and faster. They’re always optimistic and will never give up. Above all, they have an unusual patience to watch their time and effort produce something of worth. They’re never in a hurry. They understand that the scriptural concept of “time and chance” will happen to them.

These special class of people labour for us all to enjoy the product of their labour. They understand that recognition of a problem is the beginning of their adventure into possibilities. They reflect, not only on their own personal problems, but on everyone else’s and conceive a possible solution. They continue to labour and invest themselves, their time, energy, intellectual capacity and resources into what they think will change our lives.

‎Money is never the initial focus for entrepreneurs because they know their venture can fail woefully. Yet t‎hey try again and again, being eaten deep by their desire and convictions to make other people’s lives better. Money is only an exchange we give for the value they’ve added to our lives. It is never their motivation. They’re never deterred by the many rejections and disappointments they get from friends, family, banks etc.

So are you truly an entrepreneur?

Are you passionate about value offering?

Do you believe you can make our lives better?

Be careful the next time you call yourself an entrepreneur. Let’s stop parading entrepreneurship as if it’s another degree we just acquired. Remember entrepreneurship is about being an influencer and authority in the marketplace, making life better for others and changing the way it is lived.

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