Redeeming Time And Ideas

Time is an invaluable asset that has been given to everyone everywhere and if you don’t use it you lose it. Ideas, like time, come and go.

Juwon (referred to as “Juwon the genius” by close friends) has noticed again, after several experiences, that his delay was going to cost him a lot. The last time, he woke up with the idea to set up a carwash enterprise in his neighborhood having confirmed that the nearest one was over 3 kilometers away. He nurtured the idea with excitement and a chip on his shoulder, already feeling successful. But Juwon didn’t do anything about this idea.

While he was still basking in his novel idea, he returned home one day with the look of exasperation written all over him. Juwon was awed because on his way back that evening when he saw a carwash just a few houses away from his, and it appeared they were still setting up.

Yes, there may be enough room in the sky for all the birds in the air to fly in, but there’s something referred to as ‘the early bird advantage’. Procrastination remains the all time, undisputed worst enemy of time and it wipes out your early bird advantage.

Juwon has had several ideas and nudges which he never followed through with, although they pranced in his mind begging to be expressed. He’s had many nudges to make certain investments, however, he procrastinated, the feelings waned only to be brought back after another has implemented or after that investment has become the trend in the market. Don’t become a master of dejavu borne out of failures to implement your ideas or visions at the appointed time like Juwon.

Juwon, once upon a time, filled a form to procure about 100 bitcoins when bitcoin was $1. Internet was slow that day and he did not submit the form, he never got around to it again. Juwon is still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that he may not have exclusivity of these ideas that he so often incubates but never hatched. He needs to grapple with the fact that as the ideas come, it is imperative that he follows through to see each idea to fruition by putting resources in place to birth the ideas on.

To successfully see your ideas through, you need to be a timely and efficient midwife or engage the services of midwives to birth your innovations. Opportunities don’t happen at once or ‘happen but once’ as you may have been misinformed, opportunities are for a lifetime but they come as different packages, types, sizes, ideas and chances relevant for the season.

Ideas are really like shining stars that can be seen by anyone who will or who looks out for them, but you have to be the early bird that gets the worm. The invaluable resource of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, businesses and nations is ideas, innovations (or intellectual property (IP) by lawyers).

Another idea is coming your way soon. Not just any idea, but a big one. Are you ready for this?!

If you can’t use it, don’t just lose it, you can sell it as your IP. Great economies and businesses thrive on IP. Businesses like yours can thrive on IP. Who says you can’t do it? But you have to put that stitch in time to the idea to save it for you and mankind. You have to run with the idea because it is for an appointed time otherwise you will lose it

3 thoughts on “Redeeming Time And Ideas”

  1. Thank you for this piece.

    It was indirectly speaking to me in so many ways and frankly, I feel guilty.

    I have had ideas I never put to paper, or I did put to paper and never pursued or I pursued but gave up too quickly and easily.

    I am starting afresh now. I have chosen to shake it off and pick back the fragments, put them together and use as reference for subsequent ideas. Procrastination is the topmost slayer of ideas.

  2. Thanks Sir.
    The early bird advantage is very crucial indeed.
    Procrastination is a killer of the manifestation of great ideas.
    Thanks again!

  3. Thank you so much for this. This me, I have this amazing advert idea for Coca Cola but I don’t know who to go to, to avoid hijacking.

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