Referrals Or Strangers? – The Recruiter’s Dilemma

Yes! It’s indeed a dilemma trying to choose your core and support team for the achievement of your business objectives. You had taken the risk to start the business in the first place and been everything including marketer, accountant, messenger, cleaner, driver, sales executive and CEO to the business. Now that you’ve made some progress, you will need helping hands and particularly experienced and strategic individuals who will be catalysts to the business.

Navigating this phase is one of the most difficult for entrepreneurs. For the smart ones, the starting point is deciding what roles need to be filled. Designing a job description and the requirements in terms of qualification, tools and skill sets will make filling the role a lot easier. With these, you already know what you’re looking for in the prospective candidates. You’re sure this individual will take your business to the next level.

You’re not likely going to be sentimental about your engagements when you have a template of what you need. Your Mom or In-laws will not nominate a cousin or nephew who either just graduated or has been in the job market for a while. Neither are you likely to allow your board circumvent the process because they are very impressed by a particular CV, nor a close friend who is in dire need of the position. Whether it’s a stranger or relative, let your recruitment process be thorough and be guided by your core values and principles such that whoever meets the requirement is considered.

Family and friends can be frustrating sometimes but there are several cases where they became the backbone for the business. The rule of thumb? Don’t be sentimental about it. Family and friends must go through the same process like other prospective candidates by meeting your set requirements. The candidates educational background must also show bias for the role to be filled. Place round pegs in round holes, generate adequate work for on-the-job experience and growth.

You may consider additional training to augment, improve and strengthen your team’s skills. Good skill set is required for added advantage to candidates. Look out for personality compatibility, and a great attitude should not be ignored. Sometimes candidates don’t have perfect CVs but have a great attitude, that comes with a whole bunch of advantages. In any human or business environement, attitude is very contagious whether its positive or negative. It operates like a virus. A great attitude is an asset anyday.

On a final note, endeavor to use the professionals if you can afford it. Some businesses will outsource but if you can’t outsource and have to do it yourself, do it thoroughly.

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