Relationship Essentials: The Loyal Card

Freda thought she had it all – a BFF, a loving fiancé and a great job until it was time to put the cards on the table. She had thought the friendship between her fiancé and BFF was based on the fact that they had a mutual love – her!
Lately though, she had started to believe the rumor and watched carefully as her best friend and fiancé hit it off without her. It started with some little gestures that she found amusing and thought he must really be a caring person. Then she noticed he always got Bridget a gift when he bought her one and insisted on her coming along on their dates.

She didn’t want to believe the rumor because they had been best friends since they were 6 years old. Bridget was like a sister to her. They loved the same things and always confided in each other. They had the same friends and stood up for each other. Their parents knew them and the family became friends.

So, it was painful to think that Bridget could be sleeping with her man. Her boyfriend of 7 years and fiancé for 2. Freda and Ben had been dating since ‘Uni’. Freda was homelier while Bridget was the party type. So, it was no story that Bridget changed boyfriends like she changed perfumes. Unknown to Freda, Bridget wanted more.

Bridget loved Freda but was envious about her relationship with Ben. She couldn’t understand how they kept it together. Ben was handsome, every girl’s dream man and was from a wealthy family. He was intelligent and well built.

She had flirted with him all through Uni days but he didn’t budge until lately. She was happy when he did. He had told her about how timid Freda was and how he wanted out of the relationship but didn’t know how to tell Freda. He found solace in Bridget’s arms because she knew him better. Bridget fell for the lines especially since she had her own agenda.

Ben kept telling Bridget he was going to break up with Freda in good time. So, it was a big surprise to her when Freda came up to her and announced that Ben had set a wedding date. It was a lie and Bridget fell for it and confronted Ben who made it clear to her that he actually loved Freda (20 yards of wife material).

Out of spite, Bridget confessed to Freda but changed the story, lying that Ben had hit on her and that he wasn’t right for Freda. So, Freda planned a dinner date and as usual, invited Bridget over to join them. She noticed they were both tensed.

After some wine, she asked Ben if he had been seeing Bridget and to his defense, Ben confessed, begging Freda to forgive him. Freda left, heart broken and Bridget for the first time knew she had made a big mistake and had lost a true friend.

Loyalty in every kind of relationship is very important. It builds trust as it’s drawn from honesty. Our relationship with others tell deeply on our own relationship with God. Never compromise a good relationship for a deceitful one. Be the example you will want from a good friend.

Till we meet again next #WomanWednesday, be an influence in your relationship. Always ask WWJD?

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