Resolving Workplace Disputes

Everywhere was calm and quiet that beautiful morning until Chike walked in through the front door of the office. The moment he stepped in, the atmosphere in the space became tensed.

Chike was having issues with his colleague Deolu, everyone in the office knew this. They hardly talked. Chike, an easy going and quiet guy, loved his job and was quite diligent at it. He didn’t understand why he was having issues with Deolu. A million-dollar-question he needed answered.

The truth is that workplace disputes are inevitable. There’s prone to be some friction where performance, emotions and ego are in display. We don’t have to go seeking for colleagues’ trouble, but when it does happen, how do we handle it?

Can work place disputes be properly handled to foster peace & move relationships & work forward?

As long as there is work to be done, targets to be met and performances to be reviewed, tendencies for conflict within the workplace to happen will always be there.

Dispute in the office is not entirely a bad thing. It sometimes measures the inter-human relations among coworkers.

When you sense tension brewing between you and a colleague, it’s honourable to admit the tension and confront it as quickly as possible.

But what is the root of workplace disputes anyway?

Lots of other people may be involved or connected or even responsible. It may be deeply rooted in someone’s ego, attitude, distrust or dislike for you, anyone or anything. It’s very necessary to create an opportunity to square up with the issues and the individuals involved.

Opportunities and workplace environment created must not be threatening, but should allow for easy dialogue between those involved.

Discuss the issues in the simplest, warmest and most responsible way. Be objective and take responsibility for the outcome of the entire process.

Wherever you’re wrong, please admit it and move on from there. Separate the issues and don’t take anything personal.

Never lump people and issues together, they’re not the same. It’s wise to agree on a harmonized solution and how best to handle such issues subsequently.

Once all views and solutions have been harmonized, set implementation dates. Your daily work itself is enough work, no one benefits from adding tension to it.

It takes an influencer & authority to initiate dispute or conflict resolution in the workplace.

2 thoughts on “Resolving Workplace Disputes”

  1. Conflicts are a part of life wherever human interactions exists, not least in the workplace environment.
    We cannot all reason in one direction. Variety, as they say, is the true spice of life. Our varied thinking patterns is the reason why humans have come this far.
    Just imagine if Albert Einstein had thought the same way every other scientist of his time had been thinking.
    With all being said, we also need to learn to manage disagreements with one another. Always try, as much as possible, to understand, or at least try to understand, the other person’s perspective. That way we can better solve/harmonize our varying thought towards a unifying solution to our differences.

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