Restored Sight

It’s a horrible experience for anybody to struggle with physical vision. We bet you don’t want to ask the blind people what they are going through. Join us in #thankfultuesday as our sister testifies of the goodness of God on behalf of her mother.

I thank God for His mercies that endure forever. I didn’t know my mother’s eyesight had worsened, by the time she brought me into the picture, it wasn’t a very interesting one as she was almost blind.

We needed surgery to remove the cataract that had caused her so much stress. The surgery was performed and glory be to God, it was a success.

The good news is that her sight is even better than before. For this, I am eternally grateful to God. She is recovering well and things are back to normal.

God is indeed good and He is still in the business of meeting people at the point of their needs. Trust Him to perfect your healing and that of your loved ones.

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