Rethink Your Love

Rita was undergoing depression. She felt lost; life was not going as she expected it to. She just lost her job and, not long after, her fiance. She had always believed that to get the best out of life, one had to study hard, pass your exams and get a good job. She also believed that this will attract the right kind of job, the right friends and the right man. She had it all figured out being the sharp babe she was.

So, she was sure she was on the right part after graduating with a first class, a good paying job and Francis, her Uni boyfriend’s proposal. Her wedding was in 5 months’ time and then, it all went south after she lost a pitch for a top client.

Her bosses were mad, someone had to pay and that someone was Rita since she made the grave error that cost them the job. In her anger, she lashed out at her line manager as she allowed pride to get the best of her. In less than 24hours, she was asked to resign.

On getting home, she lashed out at Francis for not being supportive and he in return told her his mind. He wasn’t feeling the relationship anymore. They had fallen apart and there was no longer love or ‘the magic’ in the relationship, he claimed. He stepped out of her life and called off the wedding. Rita felt her world crumbling under her feet. Worst still, she received a call that her dad had just died from a heart attack. It’s no wonder she quickly went into a state of depression.

Rita felt her world was over, no one loved her, everyone and everything was against her. She hated the world and God. She questioned His love. Why did He let all this happen to her? Didn’t she worship Him enough? Didn’t she pay her tithes? She even went as far as insulting God and renouncing Him. Yes, she wasn’t going to worship him again.

We all have such moments in our lives when we feel our world is over and that things could never get better. That brief period when we are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea and we have no sense of bearing or navigation system.

We fail to realize that during this period, we are to look up to the One that can make it right, the One who has lifted us on the shore between the devil and the deep blue sea while we erroneously imagine it’s our footprints on the sand. The One who loves us unconditionally without us paying for anything, not even eternal life.

The story of Job is an apt example I love to relate with when I am in the valley of the shadow of death. It reminds me of unconditional love. Why must we love God only when things go right with us? Didn’t even Jesus, His son, face opposition? Didn’t He go through pain and suffering so our sins can be forgiven? So why must we love Him only when we are in the clear?

Rethink your love because love, true love, is unconditional – through the good and the bad, thick and thin, sweet and sour. That is how He loves us and expects us to love him too and love others without any price attached.

Go on, get on your knees and pray. Pray for forgiveness if you have erred in this area, pray for strength if you’ve not. And if you will like to influence someone with a story of God’s faithfulness in your life, do send us a mail on

Be the love influencer that God wants you to be. Let’s share unconditional love today and always as we celebrate the month of love.

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