Rising Up To The Challenge

Mercy knew that so much was expected of her. She got the job by faith, got promoted by grace – what some will call divine intervention, and has been surviving the last few months by God’s mercies. The gang-up against her by jealous colleagues was so strong now. She had only two options.

A: to survive

B: to survive

”Congratulations” the MD said as she held her promotion letter to her heart. God knows she deserved this promotion. She waited for, prayed for it and now, it is here.

His voice jerked her back to reality ”I honestly hope you perform. Some management staff questioned my decision but I stood my ground for you. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

”No sir, I promise to do my best.” That was one month ago.

She knew she was surrounded by fake colleagues; people who smiled with her but were jealous of her; they told her ‘congratulations’ but she knew they were not happy for her.

They demanded so much from her even before she had time to settle down. Was this how they treated the former manager? Rumour has it, that he was frustrated out because he was a Yoruba man. It was a tribal war so Mr Obiora had thought he would get the job with the support of his fellow tribesmen. Well, the job landed on her table based on integrity and qualification, not ethnicity.

Now as the Senior Accountant and Financial Advisor, the MD had told her to advise on the best mode of investment for the company. Rather than keep the money in the bank, the company was trying to diversify its portfolio to earn maximum returns.

She had been given the responsibility to increase the company’s profits by 25% within a space of 12 months through her professional advice.

It was a tough one as those colleagues who thought she didn’t deserve the promotion waited for her to make a mistake and fail.

Everything she learnt in school and those professional trainings all came into play. Her fellow professional colleagues outside the organisation helped her too but all these weren’t sufficient.

Then she turned it all to God; she learnt to ask for His opinion in every decision, after all He is the All-Knowing God.

So far, it has worked. Her investment in the stock market was yielding fruit so also was her investment in real estate. Part of the funds was already secured in federal governemnt treasury bills whose income was secured and guaranteed.

Surely, so long as she continued to listen to the instructions she was receiving from God, she would succeed.

The mantra these days is ”For every question, ask God or Google.” In your day-to-day decisions on the job, who do you consult?

Whose report will you believe?

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