Rule Your Wakanda

Hello there. Are you ready for today’s #FreestyleFriday? If you are, then let’s go…

All the Kinging and Queening in the world won’t make you royalty, only The Royal Blood can.

It’s this DNA that gives you vision so that where some see a jungle, you see a city bursting with opportunity.

Your heritage of dominion from Genesis 1:26 makes you untroubled by the chaos and problems vying for a throne in your life.

Though many tribes attempt to populate your territory, principalities in high mountains, and demons in dry places, you remain the ultimate influencer because you are crowned by the Lion of The Tribe of Judah.

You are a King/Queen, clothed in the impenetrable Vibranium metals of salvation. Guarded by an elite coalition of proclamations called The Word of God.

The Killmonger comes to do as his name suggests, but come on now – actor no dey die. Now dab at the haters, and slay your Goliaths.

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