SARS: King Herod’s Goons

Young, black, male and Nigerian? Then you are part of one of the endangered species of the 21st Century! Worse still there’s no protection, there’s a license to manhandle you on sight. But why do you have a target on your chest? The 21st Century young Nigerian male is under sociological, psychological and even physical attack. But fear not, for we were created for times such as these.

All across Nigeria innocent young men are being abducted, manhandled and accosted by armed men instituted by the law. Life has become a long dark night, we are left without an Identity Card; and men in all black are right around the corner, setting the snare of the fowler.

We exist in a system that tries to frustrate us to turn to crime. A system that even when we resist the temptation of crime still treats us like criminals, while the actual scoundrels go scot-free. I mean do we really have anything going for us these days?

Chimamanda is in one corner, telling our ladies that they ought to wear the pants in our relationships; and that’s not a problem. The G-Boy is in another corner, telling our baes to hop in his G-Wagon. The Politician is in yet another corner, telling us not to worry, that our Uni fees are guaranteed, we should just show up at ‘so so and so’ place and cause some trouble. Trump is in one powerful corner, ensuring that you do not escape what he describes in paraphrase to be a sh** hole country. These have to be the worst times to be male and Nigerian since the Nigerian Civil War. But listen, the Devil only shouts, when God has whispered a blessing.

That’s right, Satan plays a reaction game. He’s always reacting to things God has done, even without fully comprehending it. Satan is most active in your life when he senses that something great is coming, and he is deliriously active in Nigeria right now against the young black male, because we are the Gideon generation. We are the e-generation with the capacity to do incredible things, by the grace of God which we have received bountifully.

Remember when God initiated the liberation of the Israelites? The first thing that could be found everywhere was death, the death of the male born child. If you lived in those times you would probably be downcast, not knowing that the reason so much evil existed; was because a great light had been born that threatened evil.

David lived during a time when the Philistines were at war with his country. It was almost as though the Devil could catch the faintest whiff of a saviour in Israel’s loins, and wanted to snuff it out beneath the heels of giants.

It was also the same with Christ. The generation of children born with Christ were in great peril. Herod’s soldiers, with the reckless abandon of SARS agents, were out and about murdering young male children. Mothers at the time would’ve most likely been like our Mothers now; feeling most unlucky that they brought sons into a world that was hostile towards them.

Satan sensed that the saviour of all mankind was at hand, and he reacted, overreacted in fact, his was not the precision of a sniper, but the directed chaos of a suicide bomber. Evil is random, but its intent is defined, to kill, steal and destroy. However, holding on to the promises of God you know that He will satisfy you with long life, He will restore the years the cankerworm has eaten, and He will continue the good thing He has begun in you. So, fear not him who can kill only the mortal body.

In all three examples cited, the devil was shooting himself in the foot, because he never realized that what he was aiming for was right beneath his nose. It was the killings that brought Moses under Pharaoh’s roof, to be groomed and raised at Pharaoh’s expense. It was the war against the Philistines that brought David’s opportunity and prominence. It was the crucifixion Satan orchestrated that allowed the divine exchange of Christ’s righteousness for man’s sins. And it is Nigeria’s utter disregard for the life of its male youth that will allow the Nigerian man to flourish. So, cheer up young man, sometimes the easiest way to know that God has done something great, is by all the terrible things the devil is doing.

Don’t give up the good fight. Don’t give into the system. Don’t give into the fallacious idea that being a man is about the number of girls you smash, or the amount of money you make. Being a man is about faithfulness, impact and leadership. And if you ever come face to face with King Herod’s men, smile because it is nothing but accreditation that you are a member of the generation, that will bring about Nigeria’s salvation.

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  1. Where do you guys get these funny titles from… I’m still laughing.
    On the Adiche case, I look forward to really understand the madness she’s preaching to other ladies.

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