Saved by Faith

It was Sunday, the 12th of January and I wasn’t planning to go to church. The previous night, I planned to just sleep so I could rest because I had a terrible cold, was coughing (dry) and couldn’t smell anything. I was just really tired. This health challenge started on Friday the 10th and became really bad on my way home from work that day. In fact, I was so irritated all through that I would snap every time something made me upset.

On the night of Saturday the 11th, after I bathed my kids and I was still coughing, I asked them to declare that “Mummy, you’re healed in Jesus name”, and they both did. Afterwards, I also said “Thank you Jesus for healing me”. We went to bed and I woke up at different intervals before sunrise and kept on saying “Thank you Jesus”.

On Sunday morning, while l was quietly reading my bible, it dawned on me that the year had just started and I couldn’t really fathom an excuse for not being in church. So I said to myself, “we will go, no matter what.” I hurriedly got us ready and we went to church. I was so glad that we did!

I felt so much better in church and so glad that I didn’t have to miss that Sunday’s service at all. Jesus is awesome and I’m so thankful He healed me!!!

What challenges are you facing? Health, work, relationship, etc. God is still intervening in the very situation that would have stopped us from coming before Him; just hand it over to Him and thank Him for His marvelous works.

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