Saved by Obedience

I was in my husband’s village with my family for the last Christmas holidays. My husband’s aunt, who happens to be like a mother to him, invited me over to her home. I was reluctant to go because my husband was not around and he had not been informed prior to that time. I, however, decided to go with her.

When I got into the vehicle and sat in the front seat, I had this strong nudge to put on my seat belt. I almost dismissed the nudge because I was also carrying my son, but I did put it on. My husband’s aunt, who had earlier entered the car, alighted to pick up something she forgot in the house. After she left, the car started rolling towards the gate. The only thing that came to my mind was my baby who was with me in the front seat. I held my baby close and tried controlling the car with one hand, but I struggled with that because I didn’t even know where the handbrake was.

The car continued to roll forward towards the open gate until it hit the side of the gate and stopped. The gate man’s chair was destroyed in the process. There are certain things that could have made the incident worse. One was the man-made cliff that the car would have rolled off of if it had gone past the gate. If the car had rolled a little further to the left than it did, it would have rolled down into a valley as that part of the compound was not yet developed. If the airbags had deployed, it could have suffocated my baby who was held tight against my chest in the front seat. Thank God no one was injured and only the gate man’s chair got broken.

God is good and His mercies endure forever. He gives His angels charge over us so that we will not even dash a foot against a stone. What disaster has God averted for you? What are the ‘what-ifs’ attached to that testimony? Share with us in the comments section or send to

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