Saved From Fire Disaster

It is #ThankfulTuesday again and praise God we’re never short of testimonies, because He is always doing good in our midst. We shall always overcome by our testimonies.

Today we thank God on behalf of our brother who was saved from a fire disaster right inside his car. We thank God for making a way of escape. If you have ever seen a car on fire you know what this means (may we never be victims to such mishap) #ThankfulTuesday
All doors automatically become jammed and unresponsive as rubbers within the door casing melt down, making it difficult for whoever is inside to escape. More often than not, the victims are trapped inside and burned to death.

God in his infinite mercies once again stopped the crafty hands of Satan and his evil devices. Our brother was in his car when without any prior warning, the car was engulfed in smoke and subsequently bursted into flames with a loud explosion! In the midst of the inferno that engulfed the car, God made a way of escape and our brother’s life, even though he sustained some burns, was preserved. Isn’t He an awesome God?!

To His praise and glory, our brother made it to the hospital and he is recuperating from the harrowing experience.

Has God brought you out of a situation where you could have been trapped? How were you saved? Share with us and praise Him on #ThankfulTuesday

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