Saved From Penury

This testimony crystallized about three weeks ago and the story has been a long winding one.

To cut a long story short, I left a well paying multinational job in 2013 to venture into entrepreneurship. It started well but took a nose dive and things went from bad to worse, to a point where I had to spend all my savings.

I started applying for jobs and trying my hands on everything I could just to juggle the state of my economy. 2-3 years went by and the frustration became depressing, but through it all I held onto God and his word. Yes atimes my faith wavered, but I never strayed afar.

I kept hope alive in His word with the end in mind. When it seemed like I had reached the end of the road God showed up powerfully. In one month, I opened a restaurant, stared a new job with a brand new car, all expense paid.

To some this may sound like a common testimony but I know what I went through and how God has salvaged me. I return to give Him all glory and encourage all waiting for their turn to know that God will surely honour your sacrifice and the fruit of ur lips.

Thank you Jesus for it is your name that gives me access to the father.

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