Saved From Quadruple Accidents

“I will live to testify that the Lord is good”. We all can agree, especially when faced with ‘Quadruple Accidents’ like Dunsin did.

Dunsin couldn’t be more thankful. He was on his way back from a trip outside town with his team, though they had left before him. He had encouraged them to go ahead as he wanted to visit other places before returning to Lagos. On his way back, he was enjoying his trip as the driver zoomed in top speed; The faster, the better, right?. Well, not when this happens; as the car ran down the road, Dunsin looked up at the sound of a loud burst. The car had started swaying left and right; a tyre had burst, at top speed, disastrous! All He could think was, “Lord save us, save us, save us!”

He watched on as the driver tried to manipulate the bus while the passengers panicked. As fate would have it, the car came to a halt. Thankfully, the driver did not step on the brake. We all know what could have happened if he did, probably this story would be different today.

As if that was not enough to let the devil know Dunsin was covered, the very next day, another vehicular accident happened. Dunsin took a bus, just like every other day. The bus got on the road heading to its destination when suddenly,

BOOM! Another bus ran into theirs at top speed. To God be the glory, no one was hurt and Dunsin strolled out without a scratch, thanking God for yet another Thankful experience. This happened on a Wednesday.

As though two accidents didn’t do the trick, the next day after Thursday prayer service, Dunsin joined one of our WhiteOlive pastors for a lift half way home. He came down at Ikeja, under the bridge to board a tricycle. As the tricycle made to leave, a seemingly drunken driver was driving at full speed towards them, towards Dunsin. He stared at the car in horror, but what he didn’t know was that God, as always, was in control.
Dunsin was all shaken, praising God for yet another back-to-back deliverance from the eyes of death. How he escaped, well, as he said, it can only be God.

You too will believe it’s God when you hear the last part of his story. But before we tell you, we’d like to ask; don’t you also have a testimony to share on how good and gracious God has been to you, someone you know or a loved one? Have you not been saved from something so terrible that you knew the hand of God was the only thing that saved you? Why not pick up your phone, tablet or PC and send us your testimony at or send to our WhatsApp channel via a voice note at 08162113481.

A heart of praise is always Thankful. This is Dunsin’s story and yes, he has to be thankful as he met face to face with death 4 times in a row.

Friday, a day after the tricycle incident, Dunsin went for an all night service. He went home after, slept for a bit and woke up, preparing for another event. He stepped out to a beautiful day, knowing it wasn’t his last but as he stood at the bus stop, death came calling and this time, in a terrifying way. As he puts it; ‘that was the most terrifying’ of all the four accident threats. As he stood at the bus stop, a vehicle carrying construction irons drove pass him as a heavy wind blew. The wind blew some of the irons off the vehicle as one rolled off towards him. The most outstanding thing was that as it got close to him, the iron stood erect in front of him but didn’t touch him.

WOW! Now, even we are on our feet praising God. Who knows, HIS hand was the one holding the iron!

We all have a great story to tell about the wonders of God. Share yours today so a soul can be blessed.

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