Science Students And The Influence Of The Holy Spirit

Yomi watched as marijuana smoke drifted up into the air. This was his third joint today, and it wasn’t even noon yet. Anna promised she’d drop by at 3pm, and he smiled at the thought of what she was bringing in her bag.

When Anna arrived she sat on his lap and immediately fished out the ziplock bag carrying the powdery white substance Yomi had come to love. In no time they’d arranged the powder like students on an assembly ground. Together they snorted coke through a caprisonne straw.

High now, Yomi thought about the codeine in the medicine cabinet. How well it would go with the Palm Wine in the fridge, especially if he seasons the mixture with Tramadol. Perhaps he would finally be as high as Ose his friend who always seemed to be as high as Nigeria’s unemployment rate.

Tram, Tram, where was the Tram? Yemi couldn’t find it. With his concoction missing an ingredient, he placed Anna’s head on his lap and resorted to Instagram instead. His IG had a template made up of two colors. Grainy ash, and black. He believed these colors best depicted his consciousness.

He scrolled through his posts. Some of them video snippets of his songs. Yomi sounded like The Weeknd, if The Weeknd had the vocal range of Olamide. But his lyrics were deep set and spoke of shadows, nightmares, and women he could never love hard enough to get past the pain.

On his lap Anna began to stir, the high no doubt reaching it’s peak. He could feel it too, like bubbles of electricity rising up into his head, making him feel alive. Very alive. His pupils dilated and he suddenly felt like he was breathing in nanoseconds.

That was when Anna spoke. It was a murmur, almost like a cats purring. ‘Go get the knife.’ She said. To Yomi’s ears it sounded right, so Yomi went and fetched it. A gleaming knife, sharp enough to saw through a bone.

Anna sat up when she saw it, then she ran her finger over her wrist in a cutting motion. Yomi nodded his head. Something inside of him was telling him that what Anna was communicating was perfectly alright. Slowly he lifted up his sleeves and set the knife.

The steel of the knife was about to meet the epidermis of Yomis skin when Ose arrived. ‘What you doing Mon?’ Ose asked and quickly snatched the weapon from Yomis hand. Anna plopped back unto the couch, frustrated.

“I just wanted to be as high as you man. Fly in cloud nine you know?” Ose stood perplexed for a moment, then he looked from Yomi to Anna, and spotted the cocaine on the glass table. He understood Yomis great misconception.

Ose motioned at his friend to take a seat. Then took the arm chair across the both of them. With a smile Ose said ‘Don’t get it twisted Mon. This here Rastaman is overdosed on the Holy Ghost.’

Anna perked up. “The ‘Holy Ghost’. Is that a new drug on the market?” Yomi whistled and shook his head. “Man that sounds crazy illegal.” Anna nodded her head enthusiasticly in agreement. Ose just laughed.

“It isn’t illegal Mon. It is scandalous though. You see this thing called grace, it’s crazy Mon, make a God become a man and die for our sins Mon. Give us new life Mon. Then make a man live for the righteousness of God. You ever heard of such a thing Mon?”

Anna hissed. Yomi rolled his eyes. “So you’re one of them, spiri-koko’. Man those guys are boring as fu… “. “Forget all that fake news Mon.” Ose interjected. “Do I look boring to you? My tracks be rated 5 star and trending on NotJustOk. Your joints won’t even get pirated by Alaba if you paid 30 grand mon.”

Yomi thought about it. ‘Yeah but you don’t do gospel. You talk about drugs, sex, love…like me’. ‘No Mon, I talk about drugs, sex, love like Christ Mon` Ose corrected. ‘If you actually listened to dem lyrics, and not just move your feet you’d know this.’

Anna smacked her tongue. ‘You can deceive him, but you can’t deceive me. I’ve caught you in your room passed out on the floor.’

‘Did you see any drugs?’ Ose asked.

‘No.’ she replied.

‘Did you smell any alcohol?’

‘No’ She admitted.

‘That’s because I was high on the Holy Spirit rude gyal. And if you touched me right then you’d probably have caught something too.’

‘I want to get on that level bruh.’ Ose said. ‘Me too’ Anna echoed.

‘Sure thing, I’ll chill out here till you’ve both come down and then I’ll introduce you to my dealer, JC, author and finisher of my faith. The first rebel, lifting men high since the resurrection.

‘Why wait till we’re sober nau. What if we change our mind after we come down?’

‘Nah, don’t worry too much rude gyal, the Spirit does the convincing, I just do the talking, I gotta make sure you two don’t think I’m just introducing you to a new drug.’

‘Cos this ain’t that Mon, drugs dem get you high, and medicine dem just cure you. This salvation get you high and heals you at the same time Mon. I’m on one, and Jah knows it feels goood.’

And so it was that the three friends sat around a table upon which was cocaine. As the greatest Spirit, hovered over and around them. Waiting for it’s chance to put them under the influence of something more powerful than any science student could ever concoct.

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