Secret Admirer

So I met this girl at work… she’s a 12/10; cool, calm and collected, even when under pressure… no, no, hold up; that’s not true. This lady is a fantastic mess, she has a ton of energy and can talk for days. She is fun loving and thoughtful and probably the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She has her good and bad days like everyone else, but there is just something about her…

When she joined the company, I did not know where to place her or how to relate to her. She seemed awfully friendly and bubbly, which is quite the opposite of me. I like to keep to myself, and it seemed she made it her mission to intrude on my moments of introspection (pun intended). The other shoe dropped when she was redeployed to my department, I was prepared for the apocalypse, the end of my peaceful and quiet days (think I am being dramatic? You’ve never met her).

As the months went by, she grew on me, working closely with her made me see that she was a good-natured, decent and lovely human being. It gave me time to study her under different circumstances and adjust accordingly.

On a good day, she laughs and says a very high pitched ‘hi’ as she walks into the office; often humming as she bounces along to her seat.
On a bad day, she walks quietly into the office, with a distant look in her eyes; and spends the whole day in what I call ”contemplative modeโ€. Never really saying anything, she taps away at her laptop and barely looks up.

Thankfully, the good days have been more than bad ones. The life of the party, she is usually the first to get into TGIF spirit. However, when itโ€™s time for work, she knows her onions and may sometimes be a taskmaster. I guess that was the first point of attraction for me. I am so introverted and she fascinates me; working with her inspires me to do my best. We are very good friends and well… now I want more than just friendship.

There is only one problem, oh well, to be honest, there are two…

The first problem is that the office has a clear policy against dating colleagues; who comes up with a policy like that!? A policy on marrying, I can understand, but dating!? Isn’t that a bit extreme? So what if I leave or she leaves because of the relationship and it doesn’t work out, won’t we blame each other for the rest of our lives? We both have amazing careers and I don’t want to put her under undue pressure.

As you must have deduced, I have not asked her out. What if she says no? Then our relationship would never be the same again. What should I do?

Oh, did I mention the second problem? She is my boss!

I really do need help, don’t I?

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  1. The “she’s my boss” part just killed me. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”. You would never know if she’s truly worth the risk until you try. But first of all weigh your options properly.

    Maybe you should try getting another job. So, that if she is in, you two won’t have to worry about loosing your jobs. And if she says no, you won’t have to deal with the bad feeling everyday of your career there. It will be a win win at the end.

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