Sex, Drugs And A Gold Chain

I go by the name of Tee-Rex. And this is my story. Or as my homie, Tobechukwu, would put it, my tori! I started out as a young’n running round the neighbourhood of East Compton USA. I was ’bout 17 when my family moved back to Nigeria. No offence but I hated it here. Wack food, no light, and your chics? Your chics be acting real weird down here. A brother can’t even get some without being all extra. But we’ll talk about that later. After about three years. I got used to things. Ran with some cats that helped me score the perfect weed, VIP passes to the best clubs, I was living the life. And at about the age of 20, I met Polo Da DJ.

Yeah, I bet you heard about him, been producing bangers since ’03, works with some of the hottest cats in the game. So, I meet Polo yeah or PDD as we like to call him, and everything just goes next level!!! I’m talking record deals, the baddest bi… oh my bad, forgot who I was talking to. The baddest ladies, the fastest cars, PDD had the hookup. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. Here’s how we met, yeah. We was chilling at the club, and I was mad faded, like so far gone off the Molly. So as a joke, my cats convince me to grab the Mic yeah, spit a couple bars, freestyle that kinda shi..stuff! That kinda stuff! So I get up there and I can barely walk yeah, and till this day I have no clue what I said. But PDD comes up to me afterwards and his like, yo dude, I’d totally like to sign you, your head dey there. In my head, I’m like, what’s this dude talking ’bout? But I’m still high so I smile. Next thing I know I’m in his hummer and we driving to the studio. He’s telling me all kinda crazy stuff like, “You got talent boy, I mean, we might have to get you a ghostwriter, but with that accent, you will sell in Naija.” He says that and I’m like nah man, ain’t nobody checking for no new Naeto C, dem Yoruba dudes with them slangs is killing the game these days. He’s like nah nah, he knows what he’s saying. Talks about that light skinned cat from South Africa, the one who won all them BET Awards last year. Looks half-caste and sounds white, it’s as good as marketing gets. And that’s literally it. Next thing I know I’m on stage rapping lyrics I’ve barely memorized, written by some minimum wage dude I’ve never met.

So you’re probably wondering what’s the point of all this yeah? What’s Tee-Rex talking ’bout, why he always gotta be on some bull? Well, the truth is guys, I’m pretty pissed off. This entire time I thought I was leaving the dream, but Tochukwu yeah you remember him? Tochukwu’s in the states now, went to see him and his fam last summer, and I’m convinced, man, that my life plain sucks.

Look, I ain’t gon tell no lie. I had some mad fun. I got thots running half naked all round my crib all week. My main chic doesn’t give me too much trouble. I get free champagne at the club. Everybody knows my name. And I know it sounds clich√© but all that just leaves me so empty you know? I’m 26 now, same age as Tochukwu. And get this, he has a wife, two kids and his own crib (I’m still renting some apartment on the island, but dude owns property in the states, already paid all his mortgages). So I’m sitting at Tochukwus dining table and I’m like “Whaaat!”. His wife’s not the finest thing on the block, but I can tell that they’ve got something good going on. Something I know for a fact I ain’t got with my main chic and none of dem side pieces. His kids look at him with such innocence. I look at them and I think about my friends, how they never even look me in the eye, always got a handout, asking for something. And if I don’t put cash in their hands, I’m dang sure they’re gonna get a knife and stab me in the back.

I follow Tochukwu’s family, this unit, this special slice of heaven to church, yeah. And I’m almost dozing through the praise and worship, I mean I’m like sure I ain’t one of the most religious cats outchea, but even I know that the choir’s doing songs from the 1980s. Where’s Hillsong, where’s Bethel, where’s Lecrae, right? Don’t look at me like that, I know my contemporary gospel music! But anyway, Tochukwu’s little girl keeps poking me to stay awake. So I do. And finally preacher comes up and he’s talking ’bout a chain. I’m like a chain, really n***a?

He gets to preaching and he like: we can get tethered to a chain. It can be a sad chain or a happy chain. What decides is our choices, that’s the C. Our choices become habits, that’s the H. Our habits become automatic, that’s the A. What’s automatic starts to feel like our identity, that’s the I. And our identity becomes our nature, that’s the N word. Heh, see what I did there? C-H-A-I-N.

So anyway, I’m sitting there like dang, man of God be dropping bars. But then I think about it, and he’s right. Tochukwu and I could be the same right now. I could have the wife, the kids, the faith. All that separates us is my choices, which became habits I couldn’t shake. For instance, chasing skirts became automatic, and before you know it, I was convinced that’s who I was, my identity was forged by my choices and finally, I convinced myself that I could be no different, that it’s in my nature to be ignorant as fuuuuuuuudge. To be wylin out without a care in the world. But it’s not in my nature to be anything. I get to decide. I get to choose. And you know what? So do you. So I guess all I’m saying is. I hope you choose life and discover your true nature, the one made in God’s image. Whatchu think, you down or nah?

Disclaimer: The names and situations in this post are purely fictional and any relation with real life persons is entirely coincidental.

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