Sexual Harassment

Tina was confused. What did she do wrong, how did she lead Bob on? It was strange and sad all at once. Tina felt in a mess. Bob claimed she created it, but she couldn’t fathom how and now her job was at stake.

Tina and Bob have worked in the same company for over 5 years. Just last year, Bob being Tina’s boss, got her promoted. Tina believed it was a well deserved promotion, she’d been working hard and had put in extra shifts for it. Through the promotion Bob became her line manager. After then, a good working relationship developed between them, or so she thought.

She considered Bob as a boss and a friend, and friends check up on each other to ensure they are fine. So it wasn’t strange that she got him lunch whenever she could and a drink when she felt he deserved it. She also checked on his family often and discussed problems with him at home, sharing genuine feelings. Perhaps it was because Tina was caring by nature?

She volunteered at old people’s home and always felt inclined to make everyone around her happy. Now Tina wishes she was not so carefree with Bob. Tears welled down her face as she recalled the events of that fateful evening at the office. Where do we draw the line between caring for a colleague or boss of the opposite gender in the workplace?

Bob walked in looking worried and, as usual, Tina followed him into his office. “What’s wrong?” she asked, “you look worried”. “Yes, I am”, he said. Bob went on to tell her about issues the business was facing and the discussion he had with the chairman.

Tina reached for the portable fridge by the table, brought out a juice pack and poured some in a glass cup. “You need to relax” she said as she handed him the juice. “Everything will be sorted out. We just need to look at the documents, see what could have gone wrong and correct it”.

Bob looked at her and smiled. He took the drink form her, took a sip. He took her face in his hand as she stood so close to him and said, “you have been my back bone, thank you”. He then planted a kiss on her lips as she struggled out of his gentle but firm grip of her face.

“Please stop. This is so wrong, besides, you are married and you know my finance, also, it is wrong before God”, she mumbled. “Why are you acting like a child? You know you want me as much as I want you. You have been showing me the signs so stop pretending”. “No, you got it all wrong!” She blurted out. “I am not sexually attracted to you, this is against my faith”.

Her reaction made him angry. He dashed towards her and grabbed her by her right hand as she tried to walk away, he twisted it and pulled her back to him till her face was so close to his she could feel his breathe over the bridge of her nose.

Tina was visibly shaken by Bob’s attitude and this never-to-be-forgotten experience.

He looked at her and said in a testosterone laden whisper with a wry smile “You don’t refuse a man like me. I can end your career you know? You started this, so, finish it” he said punctuating it with a kiss on her lips as tears flowed down her eyes.

Bob let her go and walked back to his desk as she made to leave his office. “Tina?”, He called out to her, she stopped but didn’t turn to face him.

“Meet me at the Region by 7pm. I will be in room 201, make sure you show up. I trust you know what is best for you”, he said as he subconsciously adjusted his tie.

Tina walked out. Picked up her bag and left the office

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