Shocked By Honesty 2

Tade sat at his desk wondering what he should do. This was one time too many that he’s having altercations with his boss. He loved his job as an Accountant and being in a medium sized accounting firm has its perks because you could be a star all by yourself, like a big fish in a small pond.

It started a few years ago after the partners (three of them) decided to go their separate ways. At the end, two of the partners remained and only one moved on. The six man strong staff of the firm was guaranteed that their jobs will remain intact so long as they wished to continue to work for the existing partners.

One of the partners had called Tade and handed him an account to audit. Being a professional, Tade took the job seriously and completed the audit in record time. As he went through the audited account with the partner, the partner said, “please adjust the outcome of your audit of the account to reflect loss at the end of the period”. Tade stood, surprised at first and blurted out, “Sir, but this company is making a profit, why do I need to adjust the audit to reflect a loss?”. “Well, the company directors do not wish to pay so much on tax and besides, if we can make it happen, we will get additional fees.”

Tade tried a different approach to convince the partner that they should not falsify the audit report but his arguments fell on deaf ears so Tade went ahead to declare a loss on behalf of the company. There were other times that Tade “deliberately” falsified the accounts, under-declared profits, failed to disclose assets, omitted figures from turnover, etc and each time he successfully did it, there was a heavy kick-back to the firm.

Tade was however getting tired of the lies and was beginning to feel the weight of it all. Jobs were not out there for his picking and considering his family, the thought of not being able to provide even for a few months gives him the jitters. He discussed the issue with his wife and she told him to stay there. After all, he was not the one signing the accounts. If there was any problem, it was the partners that would bear the responsibility as it’s their signatures that appear on the documents.

He was however not convinced that that was the right thing to do. Tade felt a hindrance to his prayers, the heavy burden of conscience was tugging at his soul and he knew that the incidents at the firm were the main cause of his predicament. Tade spoke to his pastor about the matter and he asked him, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”

Tade had a personal retreat where he asked himself some serious questions:

Is staying on this job worth my life and relationship with God?
If I am to resign today, how long can I stay without a job? How much do I have in my bank account to tide me over the months I may be out of a job?
What else can I do in between the time I do not have a job and when another one comes?

For the first time in months and with the honest answers to the above questions neatly written down in his journal, Tade was completely clear in his mind and he knew what must be done. Tade realised that the end of every crisis was through the Spirit and Wisdom, so with joy, he approached his boss.

You too have the Spirit, so go do exploits and have a great #TieTuesday.

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