Shocked By Honesty

It was a thrilling moment for Nonso when he was summoned into a meeting with the regional manager, his Line Manager and a representative from the HR department. “I don blow”, he thought to himself, “Time to move up the corporate ladder”. He zoomed off into the board room like a man with strings in his feet.

He settled into the meeting to a cup of frapuccino and exchanged pleasantries with eveeryone he met in the small office. But just as the meeting was about to start, Amadi a media associate from a rival company walked in. And suddenly Nonso’s castle of excitement came crashing down, his bold looks & confidence disappeared.

It’s obvious that confusion had slapped him to submission. “What’s going on here” he said to himself. Nonso can be described as a very passionate team player, full of life, boisterous and an opinion leader. He had worked as the supervisor of the content acquisition department of a media firm for 5 years, a position he used to enrich himself to the detriment of his employers (a multinational media).

He was fond of collecting illegal cuts from any content supplier willing to play ball and selling vital information & properties of the company the highest bidder. About six months earlier, the board of his company had commissioned an investigation into its bi-annual business analytics that were constantly leaked to a rival company. The signs were there but no one was willing to talk or give any lead as to the source of the leakage.

Of course Nonso was the culprit. He had at some point took caution and promised to stop but his greed held him captive. A new media franchise led by Amadi had just arrived town and unknow to Nonso, Amadi had been acting as a private investigator.

The lure of the hard currency was the devil’s temptation he needed to yield to what will lead to his fall as it were. Unfortunately, Amadi got enough evidence to nail Nonso. Nonso hung his head in shame as the HR Manager started the meeting and zoomed in on his indiscretions.

What shall it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his soul? Nonso learnt the meaning of those words as he saw his career go down the drain.


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  1. Nice message, can we please have an article on how to handle s work place where honesty is not appreciated but rather its expected that one cuts corners.

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