#Sisterhood: Challenging the Stereotype

Oh! How the stereotype has painted us as weak, gossips, needy, vulnerable and…we are almost equated with children! But see, we are turning the world and the words around. #WomanWednesday

Men say they can be better friends – they don’t fight, they discuss. I used to agree, hence I had so many male friends who actually call me ‘Bros’ because I was older and reasoned like them. I didn’t like making friends with females. Till date, I find it hard to start a conversation with a woman I don’t know because I felt we had little in common to discuss.

Today, as I sit here, typing on my laptop and trying to string words together to, not only educate, but bring ladies to the awareness of Christ, I have to admit, women are better at ‘keeping better friendships’. Before I take you on my personal story, let’s go on to read about Boaz and Ruth in the Bible (Ruth 1-4).
Funny how I’ve read this chapter before but never took it so serious until a book was shared in ‘Women of Valor Worldwide’, a female group on WhatsApp that’s building a community of women, sharing personal stories, good or bad, helping promote personal business and building self.

Now, I did not notice Boaz and Ruth as much as I noticed Naomi and Ruth. I mean mother and daughter in-law! Remember the perception? Before we get married, we are told of how wicked mothers-in-law can be, so we are aggressively preparing to be the ‘no-nonsense’ daughter-in-law that finds bitterness in every word that comes out of our mothers-in-law. See how these perceptions are preparing us to be bitter ourselves? I mean, Ruth could have gone home like her sister but she saw the need to be with this weak old lady and take care of her. Now, that is a true perception however – that female/daughters always take care of their elderly.

Sipping my lemon water after a plate of protein (a challenge by me and some women from same group), I smile, thinking how I’ve beat the negative perception today and how it had slowed me down in the past.

In 2015, I applied and won a free training with EDC (Enterprise Development Centre) part of Pan Atlantic University, the home of LBS. The program was organized by some companies to train ‘women entrepreneurs’. I must say these women killed that perception for me! We created a close group and till date, share business ideas, opportunities and our personal business; growing me and my business. So far, no gossip has been shared.
I had so many male friends in the past and as soon as they got married, that was basically the end of our friendship but the few lady friends I kept, till date, they share with me, opportunities for home, business and school. They celebrate with you, cry with you and even groom your children with you.
They are the real deal.

Funny how we never gossip!
Yes, they call out your wrong and give you the best advice they can. Yes, they confront you when you do wrong but oh, how we settle after! They are your sisters for life. It is funny how, even when you fight and not talk for years, when you meet, you forget the fight, bond and love up.

Women-owned businesses are not only making great profits, they are giving value to the society. They are seen more in NGOs and food chain brands. No wonder the foreign investors are flooding Nigeria, training and supporting women-owned businesses.
One major reason is that we don’t give up. Even though they say we are not risk takers, we continue to pursue success and we usually get it.
Funny how we try and build each other despite the perception, the various WhatsApp and Facebook groups too can attest to it. There are now so many platforms for women to share and celebrate each other.

So next time someone tells you women are no good as friends, rebuke the devil, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom to make the right choice and ensure you stay glued to that women group that will grow you to become the woman God has destined you to be.

Have any of great female-friendship experiences to share? Please do in the comment section so we can bond, love up and grow together.

With love from your #sisters at WCA
(get ready for a WCA #WomanWednesday meet-up event happening soon)!

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