Slay With Praise

Jenny woke up with a headache. It’s been almost 2 weeks of sleepless nights and she wasn’t finding it funny. There’s nothing she wouldn’t give to sleep for 8 straight hours. The thoughts running through her mind were endless and kept her up at night. She tried to break the cycle but every little noise or creak of a door woke her up.

Jenny’s dad was ill and her mum was taking it quite badly. The doctor said they needed to be patient with him and ensure he took his meds and kept up with the weekly appointments. Grace, her fair weather sister, had run away again and left Jenny and her brother, Jacob, to pick up the pieces. Jennys boss at work was giving her such a hard time! Yep, it was appraisal season and she knew the drill. It was all Jenny could do to keep her sanity, but with a semi-fried brain from all that insomnia and the family issues blowing up her phone, it seemed like a lost battle.

Her friend Adeola, had told her about how she didn’t get the US visa she had applied for but Adeola seemed strangely calm. She wasn’t freaking out about the money lost or the time wasted. No pity party, Adeola kept talking about how ‘all things were working out for her good’. This seemed like an outlook to adopt! She said that the real victory was happening inside her, not around her.

So, Jenny decided to dig deep down. What was most important right now? The fact that she had life, health, sound mind and the gift of family…ah, things were looking up! She even had extra to be thankful for. She had a great job! A song started playing in a loop in her brain – ‘All of my worship belongs to You’. Yes, no matter the circumstance, God was still on the throne. It wasn’t a debate or argument. Her moody boss wasn’t going to influence her own mood. She realized that she had the power to modulate her atmosphere. Would she stay down and defeated, allowing the environment dictate how she felt? Or would she obey His command to rejoice in all things?

Jenny looked back at her life, remembering when she had major issues with a lecturer that was hounding her for sexual favors in exchange for graduation and laughed! God had brought her through that, so what were a few proposals and late nights she couldn’t pull through? Fishing out a few scriptures and confessions from her phone, she ran into the ladies to catch a 5 minute praise break. Jenny became all the more certain that she was coming out on the other side of this trial victorious!

Joy is the answer and every little triumph counts. DDK had once taught that joy was not a response to external stimuli but a response to internal revelation – a full realization that no matter what, He’s got you in the palm of His hand. Jenny put a call through to Jacob to encourage him. Both of them needed strength for the days ahead – so much to accomplish with Dad and Mum – they couldn’t afford to be downcast.

Fixing her makeup and hair, Jenny stepped out into the conference room, ready to ace the presentation. She had an inexplicable joy from her inside and it was time to slaaay!

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