Slow Down

Tejiri James is a self-employed I.T guru. He is actually very good at what he does and fast-rising too. He is always tempted by the opportunity to make money and so hardly turns his client down. So he always has loads of jobs, appointments and deadlines to meet.

He gradually developed a reputation for not satisfying his clients. He was either cancelling appointments at the last minute or not completing his tasks or part of the contracts. So clients were always chasing after him and he soon developed another reputation for not picking his calls.

This made Tejiri look inefficient and unreliable because he was always taking on too much. Come to think of it, he was losing the trust of his clients, and word of mouth was spreading fast so even the new connections he would have made through referrals were sceptical. His reputation was fast declining, known for disappointing customers after taking payment.

He didn’t even have a social life, as he was always busy. He was missing out in the two most important areas of his life: career and personal life. He wasn’t doing an excellent job of any, he was always focused on making the money, so he said yes to all jobs as they came.

“You have but one life to live. Slow down”, Erica, his fiancée, told him.

Do you know someone like Tejiri around you, a contractor friend, a vendor in your company or any artisan? Sometimes, we can be like Tejiri and not even know it.
Satisfying one client is better than having ten unsatisfied clients. Life is simply too short. Please practice work-life balance.

Do not let things pass you by in a blur. Take steps to stop and enjoy the things and people around you. Schedule more time between meetings. Don’t choke yourself up with too much for the week. Don’t make plans for every evening or weekend. Always find time to rest.

Distance yourself from the things that are causing you stress. Give your best and produce an extraordinary service and an extraordinary you!

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