Smallness Mentality

Entrepreneurship is a risky process of conceiving, developing, organizing & managing a business idea in the hope of making a profit. Building or growing a business is the creative adventure into the unknown. It’s a process of value creation & bringing into existence what used to be an idea in one’s mind.

The human mind is very fertile & can literally bring into existence whatever good or evil it conceives. Even the Father of creation acknowledged at some point in the scriptures that nothing can stop the process of creation of whatever humans imagine.

Because God is entrepreneurial, human beings picked that trait from Him; we became co-creators with Him. So, if an entrepreneur has not trained his/her mind to think big, our results will certainly be small.

Smallness mentality is the selfish thought process that says keep it small, it doesn’t have to be big. It affects your perception of yourself & your business & people judge you by that ‘perception’. It may be a perception, but that perception now becomes a permanent opinion by which you’re evaluated.

The smallness mentality determines what opportunities come to you & your business. It also determines what resources you will attract or that you will ever be able to handle.

Your smallness mindset will impact on the quality of your human resource. It will show in the kind of business structure & system you run in your organization. No one wants to work for a small mind. The mind of the entrepreneur is the mind of the business & vice versa.

Remember, the business grows to size of the picture in the entrepreneur’s mind. The entrepreneur’s mindset determines the environment created & the policies; it shapes everything and the mindset ultimately puts a cap on the destiny of the business. A smallness mentality can never think ‘global’ yet the globe is our playing field & that’s why it’s called global village.

Despite the difficult economic climate of your country, your business can still thrive & become ‘hugely’ successful. If you’re going to become big, the mindset needs to change. It’s a programming that needs to change.

So let’s challenge you to begin to think differently, your business needs to employ thousands. You have what it takes to touch the globe in your lifetime & be a household name.

You may have started small, but do enlarge your perspective to accomplish your big potentials.


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