Soul Sisters

It was a lovely evening, table set in the open air portion of the restaurant; quiet yet welcoming environment. My heart is filled with warmth for the amazing ladies huddled around our table. I must say, we have been on an extraordinary journey. Our’s is not the fairytale of meeting in school and staying BFFs forever; some of us met by accident or pure coincidence; friends have come and gone, but we were the last 4 standing.

As my eyes scan the table, I’m amazed at the diversity that God brought together to form such a close-knit circle. Nene the ‘fashionista’, Aisha the amiable, Jade the blunt and, of course me (Lily) the loveable? More like the feisty, I should say. I love bringing up uncomfortable topics, making everyone face their issues. I wonder how they have coped with me for almost 7 years. One thing is for sure, these ladies have been there through thick and thin.

In spite of everything, we love each other completely & intensely. We have had our fair share of disagreements; like when Jade started dating Aisha’s older brother (that didn’t work out), or when I spoke about Nene’s spending habits (2 months of malice, a bowl of ice cream and a few hugs later, we settled), or when we could not agree on who was better looking between Michael Ealy and Terrence J (we still don’t agree, lol). In some more serious scenarios, we still don’t agree on EVERYTHING, but I guess that’s why God made us all different.

Today, we are celebrating our strengths, weaknesses and everything in-between. Nene is a single mom, but also an amazing business woman; Aisha just got promoted; Jade is getting married (though we do not like the guy – he is slightly stingy), I am working through the hurt of being cheated out of a business deal.

However, each one of us is learning that we are not each other’s ‘assistant Holy-Spirit’. This means that while we are not responsible for conviction of soul/spirit; we can give love-motivated advice. We discuss and pray together, but ultimately the choice belongs to the person in that situation.

We will stand by each other, be there to catch each other’s fall and help them get back up again. We will never say ‘I told you so’… maybe I will – just a little, LOL.

Here is to great friendships! If you can relate – tag a friend and celebrate her! If you can’t and would like to make some solid ones, please click on

In the meantime, girlfriend, what are the challenges to making and maintaining real and dependable friendships? Care to share? Please reply or comment below. We’d love to hear from you. Have a fantastic #WomanWednesday and a Sweet November!

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