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Although the door was closed behind them but one could hear the war of words between Ngozi & Folake. ‎Both were colleagues and very close friends. Everyone in the office knew them.

‎”You can’t afford to continue to always borrow before the next salary; Its a life lived on the edge”, blurted Ngozi. ‎”But I’ve got it all under control, I know what I’m doing”, Folake responds. “No you don’t”, retorted Ngozi, now livid with indignation.

Folake was obviously spending more than she earned and its reason she was always broke before the next payday.

‎”You’re always going to continue to make yourself vulnerable once you can’t manage your finances well”, Ngozi continued. “Guys: both single and married are going to take advantage of you once they notice you’re always in need of cash”.

‎Unfortunately, Folake didn’t know the first thing about managing one’s finances and this always put her in financial troubles. Even the bad in the office environment called her bad. That’s how ridiculous she had become when it came to money. She was always borrowing from friends and colleague, she had almost lost her integrity because of her beggarly attitude and managing repayment. She also became a pathetic liar over time when she was not able make good on her promises.

These flaws have brought ridicule on Folake several times before the good, the bad & the ugly in the office. Folake has a bad attitude towards money and it all stems from her upbringing. She was the first of 4 siblings, carrying the burden of parenthood even when she was not one yet; fending for her grown up siblings.

Truth is there are people like that around us in the workplace. They borrow and refuse or forget to pay back. When they don’t to pay, they won’t take your calls, neither will they reply to your SMS nor email. They avoid everyone they’re owing like a plague. But people like Folake needs to take charge of their life through their finances.

There is nothing wrong with taking care of one’s siblings but you can’t take responsibility for grown ups when they can also fish. Our attitude to money must change. This attitude impacts everything else.

People need to learn to live within their means. If a person can’t afford designer clothes for work, please go for the affordable and look affordably great. Gain some financial wisdom, spend only your disposable income after your savings.

You have to learn to be liberal. Give to God, parents, siblings and other good causes. The liberal soul shall be made fat. Work smart and compare yourself with only yourself. Set yourself realistic and achievable targets. Be contented with what you have. Don’t live your life non-beneficially for others.

After you’ve done all you can, stand, with faith in you, that you are fighting a good course and you will win!

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