Spend Or Invest

Hi, I am Temilade and my chest hurts – it’s nothing physical. I just gained admission for my MBA in LBS; as the good news warmed my heart, the full force of the cost also hit me.

Here is why…

I have worked for my employer for 7 years, and been up for a promotion twice; but was rejected because the ‘company’s competency matrix’ says I need to have an MSc or MBA to fit the role. My application to LBS was a leap of faith, and I just wanted to have an excuse the next time my ‘loved ones’ asked why I have not enrolled.

The truth is, I am too proud to call my dad for financial aid; and what will my Fiancé think if I ask him for my tuition? Looking at my account balance, the weight of my financial choices settled squarely on my shoulders. I am not an impulsive spender, however, I love to look fab!

Standing in my room, with all my prize possessions; I can still picture the day I bought each Item; my Gucci shoes – London vacation 2013, Lillian tried to convince me to invest in a money market fund, but I blew her off and giggled as I swiped my card. Red Prada bag – my office (2015) – my heart told me to join the office Ajo (monthly contribution), but Shade was very convincing; so I bought them. My priced jewel, Swarovski crystal ‘teardrop’ earrings – online, last month; I was upset after being passed up for yet another promotion and ordered it online; I deserved it!

As I looked around my room, it dawned on me… my tuition fee was literally in my wardrobe, jewelry box, make-up bag and wig-stand. My mind started spinning and all I could do was whisper a prayer for help.

Like a calm breeze on stormy waters, my mind is clearing – Should I defer my admission, take a loan or ask for help. Whichever choice I make, something is for sure – I will join the office contribution, put money in an investment portfolio (Tope said I can start with about ₦20,000) and I will invest before I

What do you think I should do?

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  1. Story of my life.
    Now life has dealt me a reset blow. Sadly I can never turn back the hands of time to recorrect my mistakes.

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