Staying Relevant In 2018

In a recession, organizations find it hard to meet their financial obligations. Many tend to go for cost saving mechanisms such as downsizing, or ‘rightsizing’, that results in people losing their jobs; people are considered irrelevant and not crucial to the company’s survival.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep us relevant in the workplace in 2018.

  1. In this age of fast growing technology, you have to keep updating your skills and knowledge of the job and industry. Train and invest in yourself in this new year.
  2. Improve your people skills. Maintain great relationships with your colleagues and superiors.
  3. Find opportunities to manage company resources and achieve more with less.
  4. Looks speak volumes. Stay in shape, dress smart and classic. Make adequate plans and budget for this for 2018.
  5. Embrace and use technology to your advantage but never let it be a distraction.
  6. Strive to function excellently in the role of your direct line manager. Miracles happen everyday, so be prepared!
  7. Remember that as a workplace professional, you must prioritize, plan carefully and execute EXCELLENTLY.

Be an influencer in your workplace, an authority in your field and you will remain relevant in 2018.

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