Steady But Surely

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s an absolutely valid statement & true for any successful venture in life.

Most entrepreneurs know the pain of starting a business venture especially if it doesn’t work according to plan but entrepreneurs also need to know the power of building a successful business steadily but surely.

Many entrepreneurs are in a rush, they want the margins to happen for them fast or suddenly, especially in their business. Building anything in life is a difficult task. Building a business is even more tasking.

Though, we are all building our lives, relationships & businesses, it’s an inevitable thing, however, nothing enduring & lasting happens suddenly. It always takes some time & process for its full manifestation.

An entrepreneur has to learn the ropes before he starts to do the heavy turnovers & profits in the projections. It takes patience, dedication & determination to build anything worthwhile & enduring.

For every business, there is a time to break the grounds & start the work in earnest. There is also the time to get all the structures and systems in place. They’re critical for busimess growth. That way, you can be sure of the foundational structures on which the business is built.

If the business will be built to last, relevant & remain strong, it must pay it’s dues in its chosen industry. No amount of hurry will make a maize seed grow to full cobs in a week. Of course, there are hybrids & the role of genetic engineering, but even then it will take about 3 months. The longer it takes to grow the crop, the more value & staying power it has in the marketplace.

Don’t be in a rush, allow your business go through its growth process, be steady & resilient. The business will stabilize & then move on to profitability, growth & consolidation. All your efforts will eventually pay off. Keep your focus, keep pushing towards your goals, you’re closer to it.

Don’t be in a rush to get a loan until you have effectively managed your own funds profitably. Develop a highly challenged team. Motivate, train & treat your team well. You will have a formidable team.

Focus on your customers. Deliver on your promises to your clients.

God will give you wisdom to make profit & and prosper like Isaac even in famine in Jesus name.

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