Steve Jobs: Created, Creator and Creative

Now Steve Jobs was the most wily of all the creatures in the garden. He said to the couple ‘Hey there. Wouldn’t you like to eat of the apple? For surely God knows that the day you eat of this tree, you shall be cutting edge!”…and the rest is history.

Well, not quite…

It’s also the future. Apple shaped the last two decades of PC technology and has defined the next two decades. Peeps are quick to accuse creative genius as belonging to the devil, but just because the dude rules hell, doesn’t mean every hot idea is his. Steve might’ve created a lot of jobs, but God was the CEO.

Your village people in medieval times were deified by your ancestors for being witches and wizards. Europeans burnt the same at the stake. Both were wrong, and still are, for attributing anything magical and out of this world as being dark, evil or exclusively secular. Every Mac, MacDonald’s or Marc Anthony comes from God. He shapes the cosmos, He Himself forms light (which Edison contained) and darkness (which PHCN typifies). There is no creation that happens absent God.

Are we saying ‘Rihanna’s twerk anthem ‘Work’ and soft-porn Ghana movies are founded on the foundation of Christ?’ No, no, no. The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge. So you can be creative and silly at the same time. Imagine God gave you a gun to protect yourself, but you put it in your mouth and pulled the trigger. It’s still God’s gun, you’re just not a great steward.

God made all these beautiful things. iPhone X, iPod, Homepod, Mac, iTunes, but then the traditions of men came and sullied everything. They told you gospel is the only kind of music you can make (but gospel is not a genre of music, it is the truth that sets free). Told you Christian self-help books are the only kind of literature you can write (but Christian is not a style of writing, it is a state of being). Told you that contemporary is the only kind of dance that can glorify God (don’t even get me started).

On and on the list goes, till you become half the man that ST/EVE was and are left being EVE, misguided into thinking that you are not already like God, and need to make art that proves it (like Jesus asked to turn stone to bread) not realizing that you are God’s workmanship, created to do the good work which he has prepared you to do, which isn’t necessarily to be the next Tim Godfrey… or Tyler Perry, but to be you. Because God isn’t glorified when the pigeon starts to swim or the shark starts to fly. He is glorified when you fulfill your unique purpose.

There was a time when the best music composers, dancers, the best anything really was a Christian. But then religion convinced men that Christ looks and creates a certain way, forgetting that Jesus was a Carpenter, and trust me, He didn’t spend his days creating crucifixes.

So my dear young Steve Jobs, will you eat that apple, or will you create it? Because you only fall from grace, when you do not believe that you already are the powerful, creative image of God.

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  1. Wow!!! I can’t wait to read this!!!
    WhiteOlive, you never cease to amaze me.
    One word for this: #amazing

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