Stewardship In Finances 2

Last week we started on the place of our stewardship in our finances. We continue on the topic today.

God expects our stewardship in the support of Church projects because it is part of the reason for His blessings.

God said Israel would get whatever they wanted from the Egyptians, it later happened as God had said (Exo. 3:21). Before the Israelites approached the Egyptians to ask, God broke every barrier & made the asking & giving easy (Exo. 12:35-36) but, Israel was holding the wealth in trust. God eventually made a demand for it in the building of His sanctuary (Exo 25:1-8). The Israelites bounty from Egypt was actually meant for a greater purpose in God’s mind: His sanctuary.

The church now builds 2 types of sanctuaries, namely: the church buildings & individual lives.

Ministry is a capital intensive project, God used some people in financing the ministry of Jesus (Luke 8: 1-3) & Apostle Paul’s. God also expects us to be good stewards in prophetic offering & honouring our pastors (Gal. 6:6, Phil. 4:14-20).

We should not forget our source. We give to God in obedience & faith in His ability to take care of our needs.

Let us not forget the place of Pastors here. No matter how well off your Pastor may seem. They carry a ‘grace’ that you need. You often get the ‘spiritual blessings’ by exchange with material gifts.

Don’t be deterred to connect with God’s blessings because of the show of affluence around any Man of God. There is direct spiritual correlation between your prosperity & your Man of God.

God always follows the protocol of “spiritual ancestry”, the heritage of Grace as we see in Solomom & his father, David. Remember, kings delight in gifts from their subjects because it shows their affection towards the king.

One may be blessed & not walk in manifestation of His blessings. Manifestation happens in the place of obedience & faithfulness.

Give to & take care of the poor around you. It ensures you don’t disintegrate to that level (Prov. 28:27, Eph. 4:28). Jesus said in Matt. 26:11 that we would always have the poor with us not because God wants it so, but because some Christians choose to live in ignorance or are lazy. Prosperity is in the destiny of the Christian.

There is no doubt that the reach of poverty in our land is widespread & devastating. Christians as well as the church can’t be indifferent towards the poor & needy around us because His expectations for us with regards to taking care of the poor are woven in the entirety of the Holy Scriptures.

God also expects us to invest our funds wisely in shares, stocks, other business ventures & online platforms. The world of the generous gets larger & larger but the world of the stingy gets smaller & smaller (Prov. 11:24).

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