Stewardship In Finances

We started a new discussion on Stewardship last week which we defined as ‘servanthood’. To hold in trust for the owner. So a steward waits in service to the owner of an item. Therefore we are stewards of God’s grace & resources.

You don’t own anything. God owns everything. You don’t own your life, money, time, skill, talent, position etc. You don’t even own your child or spouse, neither do you own your businesses or jobs. We receive nothing except it’s given.

John the Baptizer would have been confused by his disciples, they knew he wasn’t doing well like Jesus (John 3:26-27). They forgot that you don’t ‘acquire’ in God’s kingdom, you receive’. There is nothing we have that was not given to us & if we obtained by God’s grace & benevolence, then only God’s grace can sustain such benevolence from God (Gal 3:2-3).

As workers in the house of God, you can’t be a volunteer. You are called & the call is received by revelation. Even our salvation is a gift. No one comes to the Father, except he or she is drawn by God’s benevolence.

As Christians, our financial prosperity is tied to our experiential knowledge of God’s word & our faithfulness. Even the world economic system understands these biblical principles and perfectly operates them.

When we give tithe, we operate the law of exchange. The exchange of ‘material’ for ‘immaterial’; natural for the supernatural. Tithing preceded the law of Moses because Abraham who gave Melchizedek tithe lived before the time of Moses (Gen. 14). By so doing, Abraham acknowledged Melchizedek as superior to him & he received a ‘blessing’ from him.

A blessing or curse is not a physically tangible thing, it’s a spiritual experience but with real physical effect. The Amplified Bible says to be blessed is to be fortunate, enviable & happy. It is not necessarily a physical thing. So, don’t ever compromise on giving your tithe. It’s not your’s, it’s God’s property just like tax belongs to government.

Three kinds of tithe were stated in the bible namely, ‘levitical tithe’ which goes to the tribe of Levi (Num. 18: 21). There is the ‘tithe of the feast of pilgrimage’; a yearly one that happens in Jerusalem or anywhere God commands. The last is given every 3 years and it is a ‘social tithe’. It caters to the need of the strangers, orphans & widows in the community.

No wonder corporations have what is called ‘CSR’. They give back to the community hence fulfilling a spiritual principle.

Faithfulness is required by God in our tithing and offerings. He told Cain, if you do well, will you not be accepted? Again, God expects that a Man sustain & support his family and be particularly responsible for his nuclear family (1 Tim 5:8).

Apostle Paul says, any man who is not responsible at home is actually not a Christian, no matter the title they hold in church. As the head, God expects husbands to provide for their spouses & give them extra allowances to take care of themselves. It’s the honour of Man to make the provisions even when your wife earns more than you. Obedience is the key.

There is nothing wrong when a wife fills that vacuum for a while when the husband is challenged but a woman is not designed to fit that role permanently in any home. It takes something away from the man’s honour & grace

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